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Thursday, July 7, 2016

A SONG DEDICATION FOR OUR TIMES... July 7 2016 Special Scathing Edition

Ordinarily, dedicating a song simultaneously to multiple individuals and more than one organization, all together, isn't particularly appropriate. But on Tuesday it was, and it still is.

This is a song written and recorded by the late Harry Nilsson. He recorded it, as heard here, with a huge band, horns and everything, way back in the early '70s. It remains timeless for the right occasion -- like now. The song was sung by George Harrison and Ringo Star at Harry Nilsson's request, over his grave.

On the occasion of a particularly outrageous event in DC on July 5th, and all the outrageously unethical and blatantly illegal activities that led up to it,


* to Hillary the Hun and her exempt standards of conduct;

* to the crappy cover band of Houma & the Hillbots;

* to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was required in her part-time "national private-party" job to be impartial, but who instead took advantage of the levers of power to stack the deck with obfuscation and distraction and to add ersatz aces and jokers;

* to the Democratic National Committee and all others in collusion with them who willfully rigged assorted 2016 Democratic Primaries, Caucuses, and State Nominating Conventions in contravention of the will of voters, whether or not they were "allowed" to cast their vote;

* to the H-arrow crowd (arrow pointing appropriately to the right) who broke the Nathan's Hot Dog eating record with their preemptive disgusting version, a bullsh*t eating record;

* to the figurative severed horse's head Bubba left aboard the Attorney General's private plane at their Tarmac Tete-a-Tete last Friday in Phoenix;

* to Elizabeth-the-sellout Warren and everyone else who took the lapel flower on the H button when they were symbolically pinned, made an offer they couldn't refuse, and accepted it;

* to the mega-donor oligarchs -- whose mouths are watering as soon-to-be plutocrats -- who "contributed" to one or another of the Clinton Foundations or "financially participated" in a Clinton Global Enterprise Partnership in return for environmentally disastrous "favorable outcomes" for their shady profit-making from the US State Department;

* to the cynicism of HRC spinmeisters who have crafted her temporary and expedient posture of sudden apparent opposition to TPP, Keystone XL, and various carbon-spewing mega projects;

* to the wink-and-a-nod of temporary support of "bold new" funding assistance for students of public universities and colleges (falling short of adopting Bernie's program of free tuition to public colleges and universities, paid-for by a tax on Wall Street speculation);

* to the fleeting "sort-of" support for the Fight for Fifteen (falling short of Bernie's fifteen-bucks-an-hour minimum wage);

* to the nouveau alliance of neocons and neoliberals as the people who will soon bring you the next war and her next opportunity to quip, "We came, we saw, he died," with her trademark cackling maniacal laughter;

* to the people who, as employees of Hillary Clinton -- simultaneously as federal employees and as Clinton Foundation employees -- engaged in activities that became subjects of legal actions, but who took the Fifth Amendment; including one who had been granted prosecutorial immunity in return for his testimony, yet took the 5th over a hundred times; When asked about their actions as her employees, they took the 5th over a hundred times, so as to not incriminate themselves, even though some of the acts in question were committed on the taxpayers' time.

Finally, we will hold in abeyance dedicating the song to James Comey, who laid out a big steamer, buzzed around it like a fly, then vanished on the ill wind that blows no good. Because he may not be done. If he is, he gets the song. If he's still working -- as we 'spect he is -- he may yet deserve QUITE a different song.

AND SO WE DEDICATE THIS SONG to each of those (others) named above, individually and collectively. But, allow us to specify that our dedication stops just short of the song's final line. That line may have applied to Harry Nilsson's first wife, but it's the only part of the song that does not apply to those we name.

And so here it is. We do hope it means something to each person hearing it. And if you're listed among the intended recipients, you thoroughly deserve this dedication:


*** This is the ONLY link the Guide has ever presented that comes with a caution: it is NOT appropriate for small fry or those with extreme sensitivity to thoroughly deserved criticism.

** The Guide WAIVES OUR COPYRIGHT OF THIS EDITION. You may circulate this one freely.


Originally published by the Acoustic Americana Music Guide, July 7, 2016.

More soon, on less contentious topics, including music news and reviews, festivals, outdoor summer music events, a film festival or two, concerts, and other events.


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