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Friday, July 15, 2016

YOUR MID-JULY MUSICAL ESCAPE July 15 edition, 2016

We have a full edition for you, despite difficult times in our world. Some of which we address — in terms of WHAT YOU CAN DO — in our first two feature stories. Stay tuneful. It helps.

*** Happy Birthday today, July 15, to the one and only LINDA RONSTADT!



“When you write a song, most of the words you use are in black and white, and then, from time to time, you use one that’s in color. These words in color are part of ourselves, because we give them a meaning. If you like, we give them a third dimension.”
— Jaques Brel, famous French singer.


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Let's get started!


# 1 new feature


by Larry Wines

Thursday morning, here at the Guide, we had intended to wish everyone a Happy Bastille Day. But this edition wasn't ready to go in time for Thursday morning. Had it been, we would have included links for music videos of good French acoustic music, some of it iconic.

We'd have included the essential French women singers, starting with the indispensible EDITH PIAF. And other wonderful French women in music, with names you know and names you don't: REGINE CRESPIN, FREDERICA VON STADE, CAMILLE, DALIDA, former French First Lady CARLA BRUNI, and MONIQUE SERF , aka BARBARA ("The Lady in Black"), and CHARLOTTE GAINESBOURG, FRANÇOISE HARDY, MIREILLE MATHIEU, JULIETTE GRÉCO, today's up-and-comer EMILIE SIMON. There's '60s sex-kitten actress BRIDGETT BARDOT who had a brief but noteworthy singing career — and the one that comes as the biggest surprise to many, iconic American expat JOSEPHINE BAKER, the only one of the group to have had hits in her adopted France that she sang in English. There's French, folk, pop and rock singer and actress MARIE LAFORET. Someday when times feel happier we will revisit that list with the links we thought we'd be furnishing. And we'll include French male musicians, probably topped by JAQUES BREL, and prominently featuring JOHNNY HALLYDAY who is still powerful and relevant at age 70. There's GEORGES BRASSENS, YVES MONTAND, CHARLES AZNAVOUR, MAURICE CHEVALIER, NINO FERRER. There's singer, poet, composer, and melancholic anarchist LÉO FERRÉ. There's ALAIN BARRIÈRE, JAQUES DUTRONC, TINO ROSSI. There's HUGUES AUFRAY, known for his French covers of Bob Dylan songs. There's GILBERT BECAUT known as “Monsieur 100 000 volts” for his high energy performances. There's JEAN FERRA, singer-songwriter and poet who specialized in singing poetry. So many amazing artists, past and present, so many that are so unknown in an America that, alone among all nations that fancies itself important, steadfastly refuses to speak more than one language, and misses out on so much as a result. Yes, someday, we'd ;like to tell you about these artists who are very justifiably known to the rest of the world. There are more we didn't get to, like MICHELLE JONASZ, the singer-songwriter and composer who started as a pianist.

Beyond celebrating French arts and culture through its music for Bastille Day, we had it in mind to do something else, too.

We would have noted — because our political revolution has just failed in its challenge of the banksters and the predatory one-percent here in America — that the French enduringly provide hope. That France, in celebrating Bastille Day, still provides the historical example that oligarchs and plutocrats can be deposed from their demigod reign and refused in their predatory game-playing with people's lives.

But too many obligations with other things kept us from getting to all that. And then the day in France became evening. And too suddenly, intentions and thoughts and hopes were derailed, and for some, far worse. Suddenly, the opportunities life should bring were replaced by reports of sudden confrontations with mortality, of violent death, from out of nowhere. In an instant, the fun and joy and celebration on France's national holiday, of a fireworks show just concluding, vanished amidst screams of pain and people being crushed in a continuously moving heavy impact.

All the celebration of happy families, couples strolling, holding hands, looking skyward, others enjoying food and wine in beachfront restaurants and sidewalk cafes, so many happy people in crowded streets, enjoying music, made by happy members of bands, suddenly, all of it was replaced by the murderous act of someone in an 18-ton truck, deliberately steering it into the biggest concentrations of people in the street, on the sidewalks, for over a mile, before he could be stopped the only way he could be, killed, by French police. The street that had been barricaded for the pedestrian street fair, for people to happily roam and wander and partake of the freedom of being alive on a joyous night, was robbed from them.

On this side of the Atlantic, it was the same unreality of Ferguson, of Baltimore, of Sandy Hook, of Oklahoma City, of San Bernardino, of Dallas, of too damn many other places in America. This time, it was in yet another place, a previously nice place whose happy identity will be, like too many other previously nice places, be horribly altered for a generation. It was a city named Nice, pronounced "niece" (like the counterpart of "nephew"), the city of Nice, France. A beautiful beachfront city in the fabled South of France, lapped by the warm waters of the Mediterranean. A place probably targeted by its attacker specifically because it is famous, and nice, and beautiful. And now it is a scene of horror, and branded in our minds as such.

And that endless roll of statistics that distills human carnage into numbers has added a new line of numbers in the compilation, as anonymous as traffic highway deaths, as impersonal as any numbers too big to associate with individual human persons who are suddenly dead. As a result of this attack, there are 84 dead human beings, 10 of them children. There are 52 people in critical condition, 25 of them in comas. Over 200 people, altogether, were left injured, in addition to all those dead. A Texas father and his 11-year-old son, a kid who was a Little League baseball star in Austin, were among those killed.

And suddenly that's a thread of reality we can grasp. Hopefully not because we only care about Americans. But because we can all think of parents of other 11-year-olds. Parents who don't have anything to say to make it go away. or to make it better, or to make things make sense for their kid. Because who can explain this to a kid? Any of it. Ever. Whether we are the one struggling to look into that child's big, innocent eyes after a news report — or after someone was killed on that kid's own sidewalk where all the neighborhood kids will see the remains of the blood stains and the scars in the concrete for the rest of the summer, and beyond. Any more than we can make sense for them of the massacre of police by a sniper in Dallas, while those police were protecting protestors marching against police brutality. Or the endless procession of cell phone videos of shootings and beatings of unarmed people by police in so many places.

Nor can we explain the tragically aberrant cultureless subcultures that foment violence or bring loaded guns as the default solution to everything. Whether those horridly unacceptable subcultures derive from a few sociopaths who were not screened-out, and who then went on to find warped fulfillment in armed professions fulfilling their need for power over the rest of us.

Nor can we explain to that child the outrage that becomes illegitimate power and how it's amplified in the mind of a sociopath when he or she doesn't see other people following them to validate their truths. In some quarters, that plays out as frustration for aberrant individuals in their religion, where they must prove its strength by making that religion the ultimate excuse for killing others; always others that they refuse to embrace as brothers, whatever the rest of their religion advocates.

We don't know how to tell a child looking for simple and absolute understandings of right and wrong. We can't answer what it will take to end the exploitive destruction of the planet, of our shared home whose natural systems we all need for our shared survival. We don't know why no one will stop the extermination of entire species because they are in the way of greedy extraction of resources or some kind of ruinous exploitation for enrichment of some powerful individual. We don't know that a child can understand how any kind of power can come, for the few, by successful pursuit of greed. When it's always for the candle-flicker of a single lifetime that permanently erases irreplaceable things that survived everything else for millions of years.

We don't know how to convey that we have seen awe-inspiring natural wonders today's children will not see, and that, if they're lucky enough to get there in time, they may yet see things that will not be there for their children. But we do believe that all these things — natural, cultural, societal — are very much the same: they have all become disposable commodities for manipulation and consumption for the same forces. For greed. Egomania. Megalomania. Control. Arms deals. Cheap labor markets. Proof of power over other species by destroying the natural world. Proof of power over other people by subjugating them, and that failing, by killing them.

In the end, all we know is this: that the answer requires more than society is doing, and seemingly more than we are willing to do. Especially since we will be the ones paying for it while the rich get a free ride, as usual. We know many solutions will require understanding that's well beyond what we have now. We'll need to go beyond what we have done, and demand rejection of much of what we, as a society, are doing, or allowing to be done.

We need more than sociologists and psychologists and mental health experts; certainly more than open-carry gun nuts; more than beleaguered law enforcement authorities that put their officers in robocop gear to confront those they are charged to protect; more than for-profit incarceration that drives America to having more people locked-up than any nation on Earth; more than mindless addiction to endlessly looped scenes of fake blood on tv series and real blood on cable news that blur into a single unreality; more than the small support we give those brave few who are losing everyday battles for individual rights; more from a media that fails to alert everyone about just how spied-upon and cyber-monitored and measured and categorized and packaged all of us are, by those who greedily exploit our "helpful" devices; more support and understanding and help for those trying simply to keep the people in their neighborhoods alive; and more voices demanding change and emphatically saying "no" as they face loaded guns held by people too ready to point and shoot them.

We know that activists and artists who engage the hearts and spirits of the people can often find a way to reach the grieving hearts among us and help find a new sense of purpose. Even when that purpose is based on righting a wrong that should never have been committed. We need to recognize the most important challenge is to find and guide in directions for a better future, and that each and every one of us has a part in that. We must come to know that we can play our parts in helping outcomes, or we can abdicate our roles, and either choice has powerful consequences in very different ways.

We need to remember that the future, whatever it is to be, starts in the very next moment. Because anything we do can last and grow as signals and symbols and signposts for the next generation. Every day, we determine in countless small ways what we leave, as legacy to inspire, or as piles of garbage to be stepped-over. Those 11-year olds who look into our eyes to understand the incomprehensible can inherit a better world than we are in the process of leaving them now.

Government, with elected officials so subject to ownership by corporocratic forces and interests, will continue to fail us in the name of austerity that lets the rich keep everything for themselves. Sadly, we must accept that very little will change until enough people wake up and become majority voting blocs. Majorities so formidable that we make fraudulent paperless voting machine results impossible. Majorities capable of overwhelming the propaganda of corporate media's spun interpretations and selective presentations. Majorities who reject the well-financed political ads crafted by psycho-manipulators to produce emotional reactions rather than thinking responses.

It is both the activists and the artists that offer hope. We know that our artists and our songwriters and musicians all have proven capabilities to redirect our shock and horror into positive, purposeful, meaningfully empowering ways to go on. We know our artists can move us away from anger and vengeance, and put us on a path to peace, and to love, and to understanding. We know our artists, as a special kind of activists, can become the common voice of outrage against exploitation and incarceration and extermination and destruction and disregard for the planet and disrespect for each other.

Our activists and artists have a formidable task, to caution us and rouse us, even as calls grow for the necessity to monitor and surveil us, more and more, for our own protection. We need voices in song and poetry and satire and prose to remind us who we are, and the things to which we can and should aspire, as ever more calls are heard for spending our blood and treasure on projections of military force to achieve regime change in distant lands. Because these are becoming the default solutions offered from certain quarters to protect us from attacks like Nice and Oklahoma City and Columbine and Sandy Hook and theatre shootings in Colorado. Because if we don't remember on our own, their songs can remind us that all of those listed except one, and nearly every other terrorist attack in America, has been perpetrated by a fellow American who lacks purpose and has found only despair in what we spend too much time telling each other is a perfect society. And we need to break-up the media empires that homogenize messages and lock-out voices with alternative messages, and exclude music that doesn't meet formulaic corporate approval for mass appeal as harmless pablum.

We need our activists and our artists more than ever. And we must invest time and effort in being wary — not just of menacing persons with deadly intent as they want us to become preoccupied with doing — but wary of those who craft manipulative messages aimed at our attitudes and voting behavior, and crafted to determine how we interpret the nature of the messages we are fed, and the intended responses they want to produce.

Yes, certainly, our shared humanity is assaulted by anything like the attack in Nice. But there is no requirement for our shock and grief to green-light some response that produces more death and mayhem. And with that: artists, please make sense of things that the rest of us can't.


# 2 news feature


After national blood supplies were depleted responding to victims of the nightclub attack in Orlando, your lifesaving donation is urgently needed. So the timing of this year's annual blood drive sponsored by L.A. rock radio station KLOS is especially important.

The station says, "We all can’t be Rock Stars, but we can all be someone’s hero by giving blood with the American Red Cross at the 35th Annual KLOS Blood Drive."

All presenting blood donors at these blood drives will receive an exclusive "35th Annual KLOS Blood Drive" T-shirt, PLUS, each donor will also receive a voucher to access one of this summer’s hottest concerts or events (full list at link below).

Schedule an appointment today:

- online at

- or call 1-800-RED CROSS (1-800-733-2767)

- or use the Blood Donor App and enter sponsor code:

- to schedule your appointment today.

Plus, they feed you and give you museum tix...

Wahoo’s, the longtime partner of the American Red Cross, will be supporting the KLOS blood drive and providing a FREE meal to all presenting donors, AND a chance to win a beach cruiser. AND Madame Tussaud's is offering complimentary admission to donors, and discounts for friends and family members.

While the blood drive welcomes walk-ins, they encourage everyone to schedule your own, personal, timed appointment in advance.

PARTICIPATING CONCERTS & EVENTS offering vouchers are quite extensive. Act fast before your first choice is gone.

Live music or broadcast events are scheduled for the donation centers in Long Beach, Pomona, and Woodland Hills.

The Guide is proud to support this event.

The full list of CONCERTS & EVENTS, with all the details to participate, is at:


# 3 news feature


"This "new" album from a lost cul-de-sac of time travel is a real winner. The instrumentation by top-flight session players and some greats playing sideman for a still unknown rookie have a fresh, timeless feel, alternating with the best musical conventions of the time. Gorka fans will love it. If you're not yet a Gorka fan, you will be." — The Acoustic Americana Music Guide.

Story below by Kelly McCartney, as published July 15th, 2016, on Folk Alley dot com

It's a fascinating exercise to step back in time some 31 years to a now-iconic artist's humble beginnings. But such is the case with John Gorka's "new" release - "Before Beginning: The Unreleased 'I Know'" - which collects the 1985 recordings Gorka did over the course of five days in Nashville at COWBOY JACK CLEMENTs' studio with producer JIM ROONEY. At NANCI GRIFFITH's suggestion, the 25-year-old folkie ventured into his first sessions with some of the top players in Music City. The resulting work was never released, and Gorka would spend another two years making what would become his debut, "I Know," which includes nine of the same songs.

"Before Beginning: The Unreleased 'I Know'" will be officially released via Red House Records on July 22nd. But you can stream the entire album right now at, at:

The following tracks are all on that "new" release from Red House Records. Right now, online, can hear:

- Down in the Milltown
- Love Is Our Cross to Bear
- Love Is Our Cross to Bear
- Geza's Wailing Ways
- I Know
- Out of My Mind
- Downtown Tonight
- Blues Palace
- Winter Cows
- Branching Out
- I Saw a Stranger With Your Hair

All free, for a limited time, at the link above.


# 4 news feature


Friday evening, July 15, mega-successful music bio author CHRIS MORRIS presents his newest work, "TOGETHER THROUGH LIFE: A PERSONAL JOURNEY WITH THE MUSIC OF BOB DYLAN," at 7 pm at Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Bl, West Hollywood 90069; 310-659-3110;

LA Weekly writes:

A former music editor at "The Hollywood Reporter," Morris began writing about his latest subject while dealing with a bout of writers block when putting together last year's excellent biography "Los Lobos: Dream in Blue." After buying "Bob Dylan's The Complete Album Collection Vol. 1," Morris started posting personal pieces called "A Dylan a Day" on his Tumblr. Those led to this "memoir through music," in which Morris recalls how all 37 of Dylan's records affected his past, from the singer's eponymous 1962 folk debut to this year's covers album, "Fallen Angels."


# 5 news feature


If you're a devotee of I SEE HAWKS IN L.A. (who isn't?) and if MUMFORD & SONS has found favor with you, here's the next band you'll add to your list of favorites.

Saturday, July 30th, NOCONA's "Toothless Junkie" video release party will include special guests the BEN REDDELL BAND and THE COALS, at The Lost Knight, 1538 W Sunset Bl, in L.A.

The video is directed by Chris Strother, and has a poster by Merry Young of Mutiney Studios that'll grab your attention. Nocona is out there now promoting the video and generally entertaining folks and making fans.

Here's when and where to find 'em:

July 17, NOCONA Live at KCSN 88.5 (check the station for time: ).
July 30, performing with many bands at "LA Weekly’s Burgers & Beer Festival."
July 30, their L.A. video release party at the Lost Knight (info above).
August 13, in Santa Barbara, at the Seven Bar.
Sept 10, in Los Angeles, at The Escondite.
Sept 24, in Los Angeles, at the annual "Westchester Arts & Music Fest" near LAX.
Dec 3, in Huntington Beach, at the yuge "Gram Parsons 70th B'day Bash," at Don the Beachcomber.

Deets of all those dates, music samples, band personnel and accomplishments, and more:

Nocona's press...

“Long Gone Song by Nocona is full of rave-up garage rock for high lonesome desperadoes..”
— Calvin Powers, Americana Music Show.

“…each song seems to have its quirk, a specific Isom touch, be it a slightly off-kilter
chord progression or vocal arrangement or even just a roots-deep approach.”
— Frank Gutch Jr., for No Depression.

“Los Angeles-based band, Nocona, would be right at home on Chicago’s Bloodshot
records – a label that many insurgent country bands have called home for nearly 20
years..”– Independent’s Day Radio.

“L.A.-based Nocona, a country punk act rooted in the blues with a
psychedelic and Mexicali twist, are the new Alt-country Sheriffs in
town” – Slo New Times.

“If the old saying, 'All hat & no cattle,' is supposed describe pretty boys and girls
pretending to be country; Nocona would be all well-whiskey, cigarettes and f**k-
you’s…and no hat.” – Pinpoint Music.

“These cats rock some alt country sounds like nobody’s business. Look out, Mumford,
there’s a new band in town! Hot pickin’ on a variety of instruments and styles
compliment lyrics from ballads to rockin' country blues, and I swear I hear a certain Mid-Western punk sound in there, too.” – MTM (Mid Tennessee Music).


# 6 news feature


A record store crawl? Say whattttt? Imagine the best of a bar crawl, record shopping, and exclusive music performances all rolled into a one-of-a-kind experience. Join a group of wide-eyed vinyl enthusiasts and back-in-my-day crate-diggers hopping from one record store to another in Los Angeles, or maybe a city near you elsewhere in America, depending where you are. Are you in?

the folks at Rhino records tell us, "We sure are, and we're even hooking you up with 20% off tickets for this epic adventure. Just use the code CRAWL20 at checkout" when you get your tix through the event's site.

It happens in L.A. on July 23.

Tickets for the Record Store Crawl Summer Series in seven
cities across the United States are now on sale. Here are the other cities and dates:

Jul 24, Austin
Jul 30, Nashville - SOLD OUT
Jul 30, New York City
Aug 6, Washington DC - SOLD OUT
Aug 6, Chicago
Aug 13, Portland

Tix and details for each city are at the link below. Just remember to use Rhino's code, CRAWL20 at checkout, and save some serious bucks.


# 7 news feature


Well, we know it's happening. On Saturday, July 16. From 6 to 9 pm. And we know it always features multiple stages of music, much of it Folk-Americana and / or acvoustic. We know it's always free, and it's always fun, and it happens in charming downtown South Pasadena, which you can reach by riding the Gold Line light rail there.

Beyond that? We didn't get sent the specifics. So do your own search, or just go there and take whatever is happening as a pleasant surprise. We can all use a few of those anyway, right?


# 8 news feature


Whatever you expect from the usually shallow content of modern country music doesn't apply here. This was a fine expression of the power of an artist to make a difference and expand thoughts and dialog with broad reach and impact across our all-too shallow society.

Country music singer-songwriter Coffey Anderson has captured the attention of the world with his video, "Stop The Violence - What To Do When You Get Pulled Over By Police," released one week ago. The star of the viral video, viewed over 35 million times, was a participant in Disney Media Network's town hall "The President and the People: A National Conversation."

The town hall aired Thursday at 8 pm ET and and was rebroadcast later for Western time zones. It was simulcast commercial-free on ABC, ESPN, Freeform,, Freeform Digital, Watch ABC, Watch ESPN, Yahoo, ABC News’ Facebook page, BBC Americas, and YouTube channel, as well as ABC Radio. the moving conversations by many ordinary Americans, and some who have experienced extraordinarily tough experiences, is available on-demand if you search for it.

Anderson joined the ABC social team immediately following the special for an acoustic performance and intimate conversation at #potustownhall.

Anderson also sat down with Nightline in his Los Angeles home earlier in the week. Thursday night's episode, "America in Black and White," went inside the life of the bi-racial country star to discuss his music, family life and the viral video.


# 9 news feature


Santa Monica landmark McCabe's has it goin' on this weekend, featuring cinematic indie folk pathfinder RICHARD BUCKNER on Friday, and the McCabe's debut of celebrated songstress VONDA SHEPARD on Saturday.

The music starts on Friday when they welcome back Texan and early Merge Records mainstay RICHARD BUCKNER for a night of lyrical, literate songscapes that are at once hypnotic and inspiring. Sylvie Simmons writes in The Guardian, "There are three kinds of American folk artist: those who sit, contented, on a back porch contemplating America's landscape and ways; those for whom its landscape and ways are something to stand against or move boldly through; and those whose America is a shadowy, impressionistic place that moves inside of them. The latter is the area that the sombre-voiced Richard Buckner has been exploring since 1994."

McCabe's booker Lincoln Myerson says, "He's been one of our favorites since he first played here more than twenty years ago. Don't miss him."

On Saturday, the extraordinary singer VONDA SHEPARD makes her way to McCabe's for, as Lincoln tells us, "what we can't believe is her first-ever headlining show here. In fact, when we checked our database, our records show that she last played here as an opener for John Cale in the 80's! Can it be?"

Perhaps best known through her recurring performances in the hit TV show 'Ally McBeal," Vonda has crafted an almost 30-year career starting with her breakout hit, "Don't Cry Ilene," and continuing through her latest — the just completed "Rookie." Thanks to the ongoing participation of producer-maestro MITCHELL FROOM (ELVIS COSTELLO, CROWDED HOUSE, BONNIE RAITT), "Rookie" is a thrilling, solid album, filled with both piano vocal ballads and uber-funky grooves that let Vonda really cut loose vocally.

Over the course of her stellar career, she has sold over twelve million albums and won two Golden Globes, two Emmy Awards, and two Screen Actors Guild awards, and she also holds the Billboard prize for selling the most T.V. soundtracks in history.

Here's a look at McCabe's concert schedule.

Fri, Jul 15, 8 pm. RICHARD BUCKNER. $20.

Sat, Jul 16, 8 pm. An Evening with VONDA SHEPARD. $25.

Fri, Jul 22, 8 pm. WE FIVE. $20.

Sat, Jul 23, 8 pm. JOLIE HOLLAND and SAMANTHA PARTON, founding members of
The Be Good Tanyas, plus special guest BLACK YAYA. $20.

Sun, Jul 24, 8 pm. JIM LAUDERDALE. $20.

Fri & Sat, Jul 29 & 30, 8 pm. CHRIS HILLMAN & HERB PEDERSEN. Either night, $32.50.

Sun, Jul 31, 8 pm. "A BENEFIT FOR OWEN SHELLEY" stepson of Chad Stuart of Chad & Jeremy, with performances by BILLY J. KRAMER, JOHN WICKS & THE RECORDS, COCO DOLENZ, ROSEMARY BUTLER, ANDREW SANDOVAL, JOHN CLAUDE GUMMOE of the Cascades, and more to be announced. $30.

Fri, Aug 5, 8 pm. CALICO THE BAND, plus AMELIA WHITE. $20.

Sat, Aug 6, 8 pm. ROB LAUFER. $15.

Fri, Aug 12, 8 pm. JUDY HENSKE & JERRY YESTER. $25.


Sat, Aug 20, 8 pm. STAN RIDGWAY. $22.50.

Fri, Aug 26, 8 pm. STEVE FORBERT. $25.

Sat, Aug 27, 8 pm. ERNEST TROOST and RAY BONNEVILLE. $20.

Sun, Aug 28, 8 pm. BILL KIRCHEN. $20.

Fri, Sep 16, two shows, 8 & 10 pm. TOM RUSH. $30.

Sat, Sep 24, 8 pm. BOB FORREST & FRIENDS. $20.

Tix, info, adress and more, at


# 10 news feature


For as long as we've been publishing the Acoustic Americana Music Guide, it's been impossible to do without some kind of homage to impresario Bob Stane and his charming coffeehouse music parlor, The Coffee Gallery Backstage, at 2029 N Lake Av, in Altadena. You can phone for reservations, which is the only way to know you'll get it: (call 10 am-10 pm, 7 days) 626-798-6236.

Here's what's happening there:

Friday, July 15. Show @ 8:00 P.M. Tickets: $18.
THE DUO TONES ARE ALMOST SOLD OUT. They are the real surf god guitarists. This is not a tribute, these are the real guys. THE DUO-TONES... Two MASTERS of the SURF GUITAR joined forces to create a unique variation on the original theme: by leaving out the drums and bass, they put the focus on their delightful dual-guitar interplay, bringing fresh appeal to the surf-instro genre.
“THE DUO-TONES are the rare example of the creators of a genre remaining vital and continuing to contribute to its growth ... (they) have taken a huge step in making surf music palatable to a wider audience.” -New Gandy Dancer magazine (UK)
With two popular CDs and a growing visibility, the Duo-tones are attracting many new fans who are discovering just how rich this music can be when it's played with the skill and authority that Paul and Ron bring to it.
PAUL pioneered surf-instro music in the '60s with the Belairs; his tune, “Mr. Moto,” is a genre classic. Now, after a lifetime of prolific creativity in a style that epitomizes the form, he's regarded as one of the genre's leading lights. In recent years (1990-2012) Paul was a member of the Surfaris (“Wipe Out”).
RON played bass behind Dick Dale all through Dale's “comeback” phase (1979-2003); and he appeared with Dale in the 1987 film, “Back to the Beach.” Then he played guitar (alongside Paul) in the Surfaris from 2005-2012.
For the Duo-tones, it's all about fun with guitars and
having spirited musical dialog through their instruments!
The Duo-tones have played on nationally syndicated radio shows:
plus numerous regional radio shows, including:
o THE LOUNGE (KPBS, San Diego)
o SURF'S UP (KFJC, Los Altos Hills)
o LIVE AT KPIG (internet radio from Gilroy CA)
Paul & Ron honed their skill at playing together during their stint with the Surfaris, playing at major high-profile venues nationwide, as well as in two extensive tours playing all over Europe.

"JIM CURRY'S TRIBUTE TO THE MUSIC OF JOHN DENVER." Multiple shows, most are sold-out. Saturday, July 16. Show @ 7 pm. TICKETS: $18; Sunday, July 30. Matinee show at 3 pm. Tickets: $20. The evening show is SOLD OUT. The afternoon show is sold out. JULY 16 is ALL SOLD OUT. BOTH SHOWS. A wonderful night of music. Jim and Anne Curry Bring the Hits of John Denver to Coffee Gallery Backstage. Husband and wife team Jim and Anne Curry deliver the multi-platinum hits of the great John Denver in a fun-filled evening of singing and stories. Jim plays the guitar and sings John's songs in a crystal clear tenor that will take your breath away. Anne, his wife and musical partner, plays guitar and mandolin and sings harmony in all the right places. You'll be invited to sing along, share in the memories, learn new songs and howl at the moon (literally.) The music of the late John Denver is like an old friend, outlasting trends and standing the test of time. Join acclaimed performer Jim Curry for this tribute to the music of one of the most beloved singer/songwriters ever to grace the stage. Tribute artist Jim Curry, who's voice was heard in the CBS-TV movie "Take Me Home: The John Denver Story," has performed Denver's music in sold out shows throughout the country and has emerged as today's top performer of Denver's vast legacy of multi-platinum hits. Jim's uncanny ability to mirror John's voice and clean-cut look takes you back to the time when "Rocky Mountain High" "Sunshine" "Calypso" and "Annie's Song" topped the charts, and his popular music had the heartfelt message of caring for the earth and caring for each other. Denver's message is worth repeating: "Be kind to the Earth and to each other." Jim's wife Anne plays mandolin and guitar, sings harmony, and generally keeps Jim in line. Together, they take you on a musical journey of the heart, where you will be invited to sing, clap your hands, stomp your feet and howl at the moon. Don't worry, you already know the words to the songs.

Sunday, July 17. Show at 7 pm. Ticket price: $20. "TOMMY'S NOVELTY FOUR".....four of the most talented "show" musicians in Los Angeles band together for a gaggle of musical mirth & mayhem of the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's and even some high kicking Italian tunes and beyond. They intend to have fun and do some great singing and playing. Led by TOM MARION and backed by bassist, OLIVER STEINBERG, and the amazing JOHN REYNOLDS with FRANK FAIRFIELD (Supporting Fleet Foxes on their 2008 tour, he moved on to play with such acts as Charlie Louvin, Pokey Lafarge, Charlie Parr and Blind Boy Paxton) adding a solid bit of amazing folkiness, songwriting and wry wit. They sing, they play and the do it all correctly and they are funny, too. It is a nice evening of musical good times. And, as always, when fine musicians congregate SPECIAL GUESTS tend to come by.

FRIDAY, JULY 22. SHOW @ 8 pm. Tickets: $20. THE POXY BOGGARDS.... ALSO ALMOST SOLD OUT. The Poxy Boggards were formed in 1993 as an effort to meet girls and drink beer whilst performing at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. With roots in madrigals from that era, the Boggards are known for distinctive vocal harmonies with an unusual collection of accompanying instrumentation. Their music, a collection of mostly original (and some traditional) songs of drinking and revelry, has delighted audiences at Faires and festivals throughout California. In their 20 plus years, the Boggards have self-produced ten CDs, two music videos, and they've headlined at several Southern California venues.

Saturday, July 23. Show @ 7 pm. Tickets: $20. The SPORK & FOON REVUE features five highly respected members of the LA music and songwriting community – singer AIREENE ESPIRITU, guitarist ED TREE, keyboardist MARTY AXELROD, bassist MARK POCKET GOLDBERG and percussionist DEBRA DOBKIN – in a groove-oriented ensemble that allows each member to explore distinct areas of his or her songwriting career. Aireene brings her blues side to the project, covering songs by Sugar Pie DeSanto in addition to originals like “The Itch”. Ed airs his Southern soul with propulsive grooves like “The Thing and the Thang”. Marty highlights his country-inflected writing, as in the rocker “Make Ends Meet Before I Meet My Maker”. Mark contributes blues-oriented material from his recent release “Off the Wire”, and Debra adds her unique brand of r&b funk with “Persuaded”.
Their performance will get you dancing and smiling.

Sunday, July 24. Matinee: 3 pm. Tickets: $20. THE NE’ER DUWELS are very pleased to announce the release of their long awaited debut album, titled “Ne’er Duwels” and are thrilled to be returning to the Coffee Gallery. This album, as well as their live performance, is best described as "traditional Irish music meets modern world sounds and rhythms". KenO’Malley's rich, resonant voice and engaging stage presence have delighted audiences for over 30 years. "He holds nothing back. Whether singing a passionate ballad, playing a solo on the mandolin, or explaining the gloriously sad history of Erin his homeland, Ken O’Malley is all-in, wide open to the world, and as true as an arrow’s flight. Ken’s fine tenor voice could carry him through a show all alone, but he backs himself beautifully on guitar and mandolin. . . .His wonderful wit and good humor draw us in and carry us along, and the beauty of his songs, both traditional and original, fills us with irresistible joy." Joining Ken onstage is Patrick D'Arcy, also from Dublin, one of the finest uilleann pipers in the United States. Patrick has toured extensively with many well known artists throughout the world and is also a talented pennywhistle and bodhran player. He is an expert on the culture and history of the Irish pipes and as such is a much sought after teacher and consultant. His work has been featured in many film, television and live theatre productions. Bryan Dobbs is the “sound” of the Ne’er Duwels. Originally from New Mexico, Bryan adds the mysterious, the romantic and the attack that traverses the musical spectrum, accompanying on the mandolin, the acoustic guitar or the very creative, innovative sounds of his Fender Stratocaster. Grammy award winning percussionist Forrest Robinson provides the heartbeat of the ensemble. An alumni of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Forrest has traveled the globe to perform with such artists as India Arie, Victor Wooten, Arrested Development, TLC, and many others. A lover of Celtic music and rhythms, Forrest drives the rhythm that combines The Ne’er Duwels' unique, eclectic blend of traditional Irish music and song with a modern, electronic edge. The band began two years ago when Ken enlisted Bryan and Pat to join him for a weekend of shows in a casino near Las Vegas and it was there that the magic began. Later, Forrest met Ken at one of his solo concerts at the Coffee Gallery, another flame was lit and the four became the Ne’er Duwels.

Sunday, July 24 @ 7 pm. Tickets $18. THE GENE BUTLER BAND was formed many years ago when renowned fiddle player, Brantley Kearns, could still run a mile in under an hour and a half, and prolific songwriter, Gene Butler, could still read words in 9 point font without the benefit of glasses. Now, Kearns drives everywhere further than fifty yards, and Butler refuses to read anything under 12 point print or higher. A couple of years later, versatile and ultra-cool bass player, Matthew McFadden, join the group. Then came drummer, Alan “Shotgun” Weiss – to this day nobody knows why he’s called “Shotgun” – and then, the final piece to the puzzle, Robert Romanus, a wonderful musician who plays both guitar and bass with what seems like four hands and eighteen fingers. THE GENE BUTLER BAND started out at the famous Palomino Club in North Hollywood, opening for the great Dwight Yoakum. Since that time they’ve performed many times at all the famous clubs in Los Angeles, including the Troubadour, the Viper Room, the House of Blues, the Key Club, and recently at the amazing Coffee Gallery Backstage. Their music is all original and is a blend of Americana, Bluegrass, the Blues, Country and Southern Rock. Butler calls it ‘Concrete Americana’. Bob Stane says, "Watch for upcoming newspaper features on Gene Butler and his band."


# 11 news feature


we tell you about a lot of "one-night-only special appearances," and some really are "special" appearances. None more than this one. Reigning queen of opera, Soprano Renée Fleming, ushers in Pacific Symphony’s 2016-17 season celebrating the 10th anniversary of Segerstrom Concert Hall, the symphony's lovely home base in Costa Mesa

Pacific Symphony launches its upcoming 2016-17 season in glorious style this September with “An Evening with Renée Fleming,” featuring “America’s reigning diva” (The Washington Post) for more than a decade. This is a rare Orange County appearance.

One of the most beloved and celebrated musical ambassadors of our time, Fleming captivates audiences with her sumptuous voice, consummate artistry and compelling stage presence. From the Metropolitan Opera and the White House to the Super Bowl and now the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, the internationally sought-after soprano arrives to inaugurate the Symphony’s 10th season in its home. There is no better place in the world to hear this modern diva’s sumptuous voice and dazzling technique than in the opulent and acoustically superior Segerstrom Concert Hall.

This glittering high note spotlighting one of the most revered opera stars and greatest voices of our time takes place Tuesday, Sept. 13, at 8 pm, in the Renée and Henry Segerstrom Concert Hall, prior to the official start of the subscription season the following week on Sept. 22-24.

Led by Music Director Carl St.Clair, this special concert is sure to sell out quickly. Tickets are on sale now for $50-$175. For more information or to purchase tickets, call 714-755-5799 or get tix online at


# 12 news feature


BRUCE GOLDISH, a fine and very funny acoustic guitar maestro who writes and plays superior original songs,

In addition to those name-brand gigs, he begins playing on Blush's pretty patio in downtown Santa Barbara every Wednesday evening 'til September (except July 19 and Aug 23, when he plays makeup dates on Tuesdays). His gigs there are 7-9 pm. Becuasae he figures you might know Santa Barbara, he adds, "Cozy heaters and a fire pit. Grub, grog, and Goldish guitar."

Blush is at 630 State St, Santa Barbara; 805-957-1300. Menus and stuff are at . Bruce promises, "A motley assortment of my stuff."

You can see what that means, including videos and a schedule of his public gigs, at

He's got some pretty good videos on YouTube. You'll find a half-dozen recordings from his latest two albums, set to some gorgeous imagery - plus one entirely new release.

Find links to what he describes below, and more, at:

If you hit his section for "The Playlist, Pretty Funny Music Videos," it has:
The Neighbor - "a video for the slob near you."
The Bar Mitzvah Blues - "oy, spoofing from right to left."

Or, click "The Playlist, Bruce's Tunes," which delivers music with nice images. It has:
Sundown Lullaby - "sowing good wishes"
Out of the Blue - "love and marriage"
Katherine's Lullaby - "lullaby for a little girl"
Everything's All Right - "one with the universe"
Dream Come True - "a 'pre' love song"
High Heels - "long legs and high fashion shoes"

Seriously, check him out. He's a huge hit when he plays the Live Oak Music festival.


# 13 news feature



"LOST HIGHWAY FESTIVAL" featuring BRANTLEY GILBERT is Sat, Jul 23, San Manuel Amphitheater formerly Glen Helen Pavilion, above San Bernardino.

"JOHN WILLIAMS: MAESTRO OF THE MOVIES" at the Hollywood Bowl, Fri-Sun, Sep 2, 3 & 4.

CHICAGO With special guest GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, Sun, Sep 25, Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona.



# 14 news feature


AT&T and AUDIENCE® Network present "JOSH KELLEY," an exclusive interview and performance with the singer-songwriter on Friday, July 15, at 9 pm ET/PT on DIRECTV and U-verse (DIRECTV Ch 239/U-verse Ch 1114 in L.A.)

Watch as the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist performs fan favorites as well as songs from his new album "New Lane Road," out now on Sugar Hill Records. In this tv presentation, Josh sits down with Ted Stryker for an intimate interview about his creative process and how his personal life inspires him musically.

Yesterday, Josh stopped by HLN TV's new morning show, "MichaeLA," for a live interview with host Michaela Pereira. AUDIENCE Network's new music slate is delivering concerts, in-depth artist interviews, unique stories and exclusive performances across all genres, plus select programming in ultra high-definition/4K*, to audiences nationwide since multiple series began airing this past January. Recent concert specials include CeeLo Green, Hank Williams Jr., Cheap Trick, Peter Frampton, Flo Rida, Martina McBride, Lukas Graham, Kelsea Ballerini, Fall Out Boy and Panic! at the Disco, 2 Chainz, Keith Urban, The Lumineers, Cole Swindell, Dan + Shay and others. New shows premiere via national broadcast Fridays at 8 pm ET/PT on DIRECTV Ch 239/U-verse Ch 1114,as well as streaming on, and on smartphones and tablets, via the DIRECTV and U-verse apps.**

AUDIENCE Network's multiple series of original and exclusive performances give music fans an intimate view of music's most influential artists today. The network collaborates directly with musicians to create a unique show from their perspective.

Singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Josh Kelley released his eighth studio album "New Lane Road" this past spring on Sugar Hill Records. Recorded after a nearly-five-year hiatus, the album marks a personal project for the musician reflecting on his marriage, family and home he and actress wife KATHERINE HEIGL have built for themselves in rural Utah. Kelley devoted himself to the creative process for three years while making the album, of which he produced, engineered, co-wrote and played most of the instruments himself.

There's more at


# 15 news feature


Several "Music @ Boston Court" performances are coming up over the next two weekends and you'd do well taking the opportunity to go see one of them. They have never presented their "Music @ Boston Court" events on their Main Stage in the past, and if last weekend's sold-out performances are any indication, these next two weekends will be events to remember.

"People Inside Electronics: Points of Contact" is Friday, July 15th at 8 pm. This one is outside what we usually report. It's "An ear-bending evening including Stockhausen’s magnum opus Kontakte from one of L.A.’s most adventurous contemporary music organizations." Points of Contact is a concert about finding connections between disparate musical genres and textures: connections both abstract and concrete, substantial and tenuous, broken and fixed. The centerpiece of the program is Karlheinz Stockhausen's celebrated Kontakte for piano, percussion, and electronics. The concert also features music by Steve Reich (Electric Counterpoint), Julia Wolfe (Stronghold), and Colin Horrocks (The Light Gleams an Instant), with performances by Brian Head, Todd Moellenberg, Ryan Nestor, and Scott Worthington.
Showtime: 8 pm / Pre-show discussion begins at 7:15. Tickets (Regular/Senior/Student): $30/$25/$20.

JOSH NELSON BAND presents "The Discovery Project: The Sky Remains," Saturday, July 16, at 8 pm. This one explores the past, present, and future of L.A. in music, video, and photo montages of famous places and people in the City of Angels. There is a companion SPECIAL EVENT: A guided bike tour of Pasadena with JK Bike Tours. It's one ticket that takes you to and into the concert: $45 - Limited Availability. Concert-only tix: (Regular/Senior/Student): $30/$25/$20.

"HOLLYWOOD REVISITED: A MUSICAL REVUE," happens July 22 & 23, at 8 pm. JULY 22nd IS SOLD OUT - SECOND PERFORMANCE ADDED JULY 23rd. It's "A musical theater extravaganza from the golden age of Hollywood musicals including the original costumes used in the films. 'Hollywood Revisited' brought not only show stopping gorgeous costumes to our concert stage, they also infused the night with the grandeur associated the the golden age of cinema." - Michael Feinstein, entertainer.

"...a chance to see the magic of old Hollywood come to life. The audience roared with approval!" - The Los Angeles Times.

"... we loved your music, your singers and the absolutely stunning costumes. Everything was so right!" - Motion Picture and Television Fund.

Tickets (Regular/Senior/Student): $30/$25/$20

Boston Court is located at 70 N Mentor Av, Pasadena 91106; 626-683-6883;


# 16 news feature


We know her as "Fiddling Mama B," and we usually hear from her regarding her band, MODAL TEASE ( ). This time, we got a fun, newsy report of her latest road trip, with word that she's doing a gig with another outfit Friday night. Mama B reports:

"Just got back from a fabulous trip to Yellowstone where I brought my son’s Ukulele … gave me an opportunity to really “get to know” it (we were tent camping and flew in on an airplane; the fiddle was just too big to take). Great trip, but the fiddle hiatus means I’m dying to play! Come on out to join in the fun:

"Friday, July 15, 7:20-7:50 pm, it's bluegrass, old time, swing … music your grandpappy’d like with HIGH STRUNG at Sontag Hall, Pomona College. We're the entertainment before OPHELIA’S JUMP performs Othello (


# 17 news feature


If you haven't made your reservations yet, seats are still available for this great Gypsy jazz concert on Tuesday, July 26, at 7:30 pm in Altadena (above Pasadena in the Los Angeles area). These European Gypsy jazz virtuosos feature SAMSON SCHMITT on lead guitar, PIERRE BLANCHARD on violin, LUDOVIC BEIER on accordion, DOUDOU CUILLERIER on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Antonio Licusati on bass.

This is offered by a seasoned house concert presenter. The requested $25 donation per person is made at the door, and all proceeds go to the musicians.

Here is a YouTube video of these fine musicians in action:

For reservations, email:

Directions and address will be sent as the concert date approaches.


# 18 news feature


She was always something special, both her writing and her soaring vocal talents. Then she moved to Utah, where she plays all the festivals and the best venues. She stays so busy there that she seldom gets back to L.A. So catch her while ya can.

Friday, July 15, 6:30-9:30 pm, at The Waterside Restaurant and Wine Bar, 3500 South Harbor Bl, Suite 1-111, Oxnard, CA 93035; 805-985-4677;
Dining and wine.

Sunday, July 17, 7-9 pm, at "Bill BERRY'S SONGWRITER'S SQUARE," at 2106 Hyperion Av, Los Angeles. $15 at door, $12 in advance. With songwriters SHELLY PEIKEN, MICHELLE LEWIS, CHE ZURO, and host, BILL BERRY.

Tuesday, July 19, 7-9:30 pm, at the multiartist showcase "SONGWRITER SERENADE" hosted by J.C. Hyke at Matt Denny's Ale House, 145 E Huntington Dr, Arcadia 91006; 626-462-0250. Free. Songwriters on the cozy patio.

More at


# 19 news feature


JAMIE LAVAL, U.S. National Scottish Fiddle Champion, was a favorite performing guest when we did the radio show. He doesn't get down this way too often. He's in the midst of a tour presenting a "Concert of Celtic Music and Stories." Laval creates rapt audiences with his passionate performances of traditional Celtic music, showcasing his stunning virtuosity, contemporary flair, and uncanny imitation of Highland bagpipes. “One of North America’s finest practitioners of traditional Scottish music” (San Jose Mercury News) and “The next Alasdair Fraser” (Scotland Press & Post), Jamie performed for Her Majesty the Queen and presented a TED Talk. Laval’s recent album Murmurs and Drones won the popular vote for “Best World Traditional Album" in the 2012 Independent Music Awards.”

Thursday, July 21, at 7:30 pm, he does his one L.A. show at MacLeod Ale Brewing Company, a family friendly venue, at 14741 Calvert St, Van Nuys 91411; 818-631-1963. Tix are $15 general, $8 Students, and are available at:

You enjoy an evening of solo fiddle, toe-tapping melodies, amusing and informational stories, foot percussion, and an innovative arrangement style reveling in the beautiful atmosphere of the Scottish Highlands. JENNIFER FEBRE BOASE, co-owner of McLeod Ale Brewing Company, joins Jamie in a cameo performance. Jennifer is the pipe sergeant of Pasadena Pipes and Drums, the prized local competitive bagpipe band. MacLeod Brewing Company is a cozy microbrewery and neighborhood pub. This family-friendly, sit-down concert will be held in the adjacent "dart" room.

On July 24, at 2 pm, catch him at the Museum of Making Music, 5790 Armada Dr, Carlsbad. All tix are $12 general admission. Tix at:

Bagpiper JENNIFER FEBRE BOASE will join him in this performance, as well.

There's plenty more at:

catch a performance video at:


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