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Friday, October 13, 2017


Anyone paralyzed with a triskaidekaphobic fixation -- fear of the number 13, including Friday the 13th -- is just gonna miss out. The rest of us will be having a delightful time at ArtNight Pasadena.

Okay, we can give you even more new words about all this. The specific fear of Friday the 13th is called "paraskevidekatriaphobia" or "friggatriskaidekaphobia." Honest and truly. We didn't make that up.

Seems like the rest of us would just have a fear of trying to spell any of those goofy words.

(A VERY full edition will be along shortly. But we wanted you to have time to plan to get to this event!)

6-10 pm Twice-annual "ARTNIGHT PASADENA" is FREE at museums, galleries, and music venues large and small throughout Pasadena; there are FREE shuttle buses to get you between/among all the venues and live performances. One place you can start is Pasadena City Hall - Courtyard
City Hall Courtyard, 101 N Garfield Av, Pasadena, CA. Get a printed map at any of the venues or download one (url below), and use it and your mobile device in tandem.
* The shuttles allow you to park once and ride, with stops at each of the 21 venues; you can also get to/from Pasadena on the Gold Line light rail.
* Last spring 28,000 people experienced the excitement of ArtNight.
* there are food trucks outside most of the venues; often multiple trucks to choose from.
* Normally these museums charge admission fees; for example, the Norton Simon any other time is $12. But they're free on ArtNight.
* SELECTED VENUES (of the 21 participating):
- City Hall: "music from the Golden Age of American Song (1920s–1930s)" by the Holly Street Stompers.
- Parson's Nose Theatre presents "The Golden Age of Radio: The Lone Ranger/The Shadow/Flash Gordon. Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear!"
- Armory Center for the Arts: presents a gallery of contemporary art exhibits and two stages of music.
- Pasadena City Library: Crown City Symphony; Theatre Americana; Rose Poets; Gloria Arjona, PhD; Reiyukai America.
- Pasadena Conservatory of Music: Live music throughout the event; "Explore multiple venues on PCM’s campus while enjoying continuous classical, multicultural, and interactive performances."
- Pasadena Museum of History: guitar and violin duo Gypsy Jambo.
- Art Center College of Design: at the forefront of art and design education for over 80 years.
- Pasadena City Hall: a national landmark that's modeled after 1920s Spanish colonial revival architecture, with stages out front and in the courtyard.
- Light Bringer Project @ Day One: delivers a range of unique cultural arts programs and special events.
- Lineage Performing Art Center: Pasadena's comprehensive arts resource and community hub.
- MUSE/IQUE: with a flatbed truck as our stage, street grooves & symphonic sounds collide for a dance party, MUSE/IQUE style.
- Norton Simon Museum: view seven centuries of European art from the Renaissance to the 20th century, including works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Rembrandt, Fragonard and Lionel's favorite Rodin.
- Pasadena Conservatory of Music: live music all night at PCM! Come enjoy continuous classical, multicultural, and exciting interactive performances in multiple venues.
- Pasadena Museum of California Art: the only museum in southern California devoted exclusively to California art, architecture, and design.
- Pasadena Museum of History: excellent rotating exhibits in the main galleries, but also includes access to a 1906 mansion built by Eva and Adalbert Fenyes.
- Pacific Asia Museum: housed in an historic mansion, the museum is dedicated to the arts and culture of Asia and the Pacific. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
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* Download the brochure with venue addresses and shuttle routes at:
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* ALL THE DETAILS AND VENUES are at the official event website:




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