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Saturday, May 5, 2018

EXTRA -- 28th Annual Dylanest, Sunday, May 6th -- SPECIAL EDITION. May 5 2018.

The DYLANFEST Set List has been announced, with some Bob Dylan songs you haven't heard in a long time (even some that may have eluded you!), and some (many) that you know, and will sing along, to every word. As always at Dylanfest, dancing is encouraged whether you know the song or not...

The full write-up is in "this weekend's events" with alllll the other weekend musiciality, in the comprehensive edition of The Guide published on Friday. That one tells you about the good food and more at Dylanfest. This extra edition is just about the music you'll hear.

You might want to print this and take it with you, or bookmark this page in your phone.

We include time tags through the full day. Check to see where your favorite song and performer are scheduled.

If you haven't bought your ticket yet, there are only a few hours remaining (as of press time) to get the $5 discount for online advance tix. Otherwise, get 'em at the door for a few dollars more!

ADVANCE TIX and more info at

Video previews of the event:
- - -
A) from the radio interview:
- - -
B) musical montages of recent year's performances (3 parts):

NOTE: "The Times They Are 'a Changin" in part two is wonnnnderful)

part one...

part two...

part three is the TV news story of the 23rd annual Dylanfest...


*** 2018, 28th annual DYLANFEST, SET LIST (65 songs!) & ARTISTS

(Times are approximate, but it always runs pretty darn close!)

- - -

Noon - Musical Intro, Welcome, Recognitions & Introductions.

12:30 pm - performer(s) - Hard Rain (multiple award-winning band, led by Andy & Renee)

1) All I Really Want To Do
2) The Man in Me
3) Florida Key
4) (surprise Dylan song)
5) It Takes a Lot to Laugh - John Matthew Rosenberg
6) Make You Feel My Love - Evyn Charles
7) Tight Connection to My Heart - Terry Buck
8) The End of the Line

1:25 pm - performer(s) - Susie Glaze

9) Lay Down Your Weary Tune
10) Forever Young

1:40 pm - performer(s) - Hard Rain with guest Joel Rafael and his Band

11) Boots of Spanish Leather

1:50 pm - performer(s) - Patti Orbeck

12) I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
13) You Ain't Goin' Nowhere

2:03 pm - performer(s) - Dave Crossland

14) Across the Green Mountain

2:11 pm - performer(s) - Hard Rain w/ Guests

15) If Not For You
16) Abandoned Love
17) Pledging My Time - Davey Allen
18) Jokerman
19) Dark Eyes
20) One More Cup of Coffee - Daniel Leanse
21) Tonight I'll Be Staying here With You - Brax Cutchin
22) When The Ship Comes In
23) Watching The River Flow - Fuzzy Thurston
24) Tweeter and the Monkey Man
25) My Back Pages

Hard Rain w/ Steve Craig

26) Positively 4th Street
27) Silvio

3:30 pm - performer(s) - James Lee Stanley Solo

28) Tom Thumbs Blues
29) You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine

3:43 pm - performer(s) - Hard Rain

30) Subterranean Homesick Blues

With Frostbite Jones and Trish Gomez

3:53 pm - performer(s) - Hard Rain w/Guests

Al Diesan

31) Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
32) Soon After Midnight

4:05 pm - performer(s) - Hard Rain and acoustic guitarmy

33) Blowin in the Wind

- performer(s) - Karen Nash

34) I Want You

Hard Rain w Guests

35) Dirty World
36) Senor (Tales of Yankee Power)

Dave Leahy

37) Sweet Amarillo
38) Wagon Wheel

4:50 pm - performer(s) - Jay Constable & Nate Lapointe

39) Masters of War
40) Mighty Quinn

5:03 pm - performer(s) - Renee Safier

41) With God on Our Side

5:15 pm - performer(s) - Bellylove

42) Going Going Gone
43) Leopardskin Pillbox Hat

5:30 pm - performer(s) - Hard Rain

44) It's all Over Now Baby Blue
45) True Love Tends to Forget

5:45 pm - performer(s) - Jack of Hearts

46) New Morning
47) Can I Please Crawl out Your Window?

6:05 pm - performer(s) - Title Trackers

48) The Times They Are A-Changin'

6:12 pm - performer(s) - Pillow of Wrongness

49) Just Like A Woman

6:20 pm - performer(s) - Dry September

50) Jammin' Me
51) Wanted Man

6:35 pm - performer(s) - Bob Malone

52) Tangled Up in Blue
53) Highway 61

6:50 pm - performer(s) - Hard Rain w/ guests

54) Rainy Day Women
55) Don't Think Twice
56) Everything is Broken - Dave Crossland
57) Ballad of a Thin Man - Homer T.
58) Knockin' on Heaven's Door - W Patti Orbeck
59) Hurricane - w Jamie Daniels
60) I Shall Be Released

7:35 pm pm - performer(s) - Fuzzy Thurston

61) Blind Willie McTell

- performer(s) - Luis Oliart

62) All Along the Watchtower
63) Gotta Serve Somebody

Andy & Renee & Hard Rain & Friends, grand ensemble finale

64) Chimes of Freedom
65) Like A Rolling Stone

Venue: Torrance Cultural Arts Center, Torino Plaza 3330 Civic Center Drive Torrance, CA 90503

The 28th Annual Dylanfest runs 12-8pm.
It's an all-day outdoor music festival featuring over 60 of Southern California's top musicians playing all Dylan, all day, with no repeats.

The Guide waives copyright for this edition -- feel free to print and take it with you to Dylanfest, and email it to friends.

See you soon with more music news!

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Stay Tuneful!

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