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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Get $ OUT of politics: debate is Monday on the web. Special edition, Sun, Nov 18 2018.

LATE ADDITION: Monday marks the day in 1863 that President ABRAHAM LINCOLN delivered the Gettysburg Address.

As media critic Lionel of "Lionel Media" observes, Lincoln, "in 272 words cemented history with a breviloquence today's monosyllabic pol couldn't recognize much less duplicate. Imagine today's version: A misspelled tweet starting with the now ubiquitous and mandatory 'Hey, guys.'"

We agree, Lionel. Moreover, it's a good slap up 'side the head to tell us that we, too, live in historic times.

"Historic" not because they are saturated with social-media-vectored, death-of-privacy, quasi-legalized for-profit-universal-cyberspying -- and the resulting dumbing-down of everything because the algorithm analytics tells "them" it can be used to sell "us" all manner of junk we don't need, including politicians.

But "historic" because we're letting it all happen, after so many of our forebears fought and died to protect the individual freedoms we wantonly surrender in return for some immersive, self-indulgent, addictive, and ultimately silly free "app" that monitors, tracks, and reports every move we make.

Hence, the purpose of this, yesterday's special edition, because it brings important notice of something happening TODAY, Monday. Call it notice of an "alternative reality" we can still reclaim. That is, if non-mainstream news sources like ours can collectively generate enough awareness of the effort. And what is that effort? It's the attempt, as time grows critically short, to make America AMERICA again, and take back our rights and freedoms from rich manipulators who feel entitled to control everything.

So if you didn't see it Sunday, please read it now. IT'S ACTUALLY FEWER WORDS THAN THIS "LATE ADDITION" that we added in front of it.

The full edition as originally published is just below.


All the weekend EVENTS are in the previous edition, and our tribute to ROY CLARK, who died Thursday, is in its own edition ahead of that; the tribute includes a Sunday night LATE ADDITION with details of Roy's memorial service, which will STREAM LIVE ON THE WEB Wednesday afternoon. Scroll down or use the sidebar at left to select those other editiins.

THIS IS a short, special edition, and here it is:

Watch the live stream, or later on-demand...

Mon, Nov 19, LIVE ON THE WEB:

3:30 pm-4:30 pm (Pacific time) - "28th Amendment Debate" to GET MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.

* Link below will connect you LIVE, and also work later for an on-demand replay.

* Livestream broadcast of the sold-out debate.

* A Constitutional Amendment has been proposed to reinstate political spending limits.

* Since the disastrous US Supreme Court decisions in "Citizens United" and "McCutcheon," which declared that money is "free speech," the rich rule the roost. Their ability to buy candidates, elected officials, and political party agendas is, at present, unlimited.

* A Constitutional Amendment is required to reverse that, and ensure an equal voice for all Americans.

* Debating in favor of this amendment are Jeff Clements, President and Founder of the cross-partisan nonprofit "American Promise," and Elizabeth Doty, business leader and co-founder of the "American Promise Bay Area Business Council."

* Debating in opposition are Bradley Smith, former chairman of the FEC and Founder of the "Institute of Free Speech," and Floyd Abrams, Senior Counsel at the political law firm of Cahill Gordon & Reindel.

* Moderating the debate is Ciara Torres-Spelliscy, Fellow at the "Brennan Center for Justice," and Leroy Highbaugh Sr. Research Chair and Professor of Law at Stetson University.

* This debate is hosted by "American Promise," the "American Constitution Society," and the "National Constitution Center" in Philadelphia.

* PREPARE / LEARN WHAT'S AT STAKE: read Jeff Clements' pre-debate op-ed for a 28th Amendment, in the Philadelphia Inquirer, at:

* The Guide believes we need the 28th Amendment if we want to level the playing field for all Americans regardless of wealth. Like other amendments in American history that have protected individual rights, the 28th Amendment will establish better representation for all Americans. In so doing, it will produce a huge step toward the better governance we so urgently need to save democracy from oligarchy, corporatocracy, kakistocracy, and kleptocracy.



The Guide waives our copyright on this special edition to encoencourage you to share it far and wide.

We'll be back soon with lots of MUSIC NEWS.

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