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Monday, November 26, 2018

It's "Cyber MARS-day!" So Forget the Shopping and Explore! Mon, Nov 26 2018 edition.

LATE ADDITION: The Mars "Insight" probe has landed successfully on the Red Planet. For a look at what that means, and plenty of ways to connect, see daily photos from the surface of Mars, videos of many mission and design aspects, and what's ahead for planetary exploration, our pre-landing edition is still here, just below, with a wealth of clickable links.

The FOLLOWING is the edition as originally published before the landing.
Artists are all about creativity that pushes the known limits and goes to places previously unknown. We wrote that for today. Before we learned of a particular fragment of history:

On this date in 1865 “Alice in Wonderland” was published in America. Of that anniversary, Lionel of "Lionel Media" observes, "how apropos that was and is as we slither down daily the rabbit hole: Defined as entering into a situation or beginning a journey that’s complex or chaotic."

Talk about multiple applications, down through time. The sorta thing artists love.

All the LIVE MUSIC EVENTS this week are in a previous edition titled "Tuneful Alternatives to Mindless Consumerism" at:

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