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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Global Page Views as We "Dis" the Orgies of Consumerism. Nov 25 2018

We want to share a "Wow." Because our most recent edition is being read, EVERYWHERE, and we mean GLOBALLY. Of course that happens with all of our editions, but this one is surprising.

Supposedly, Americans aren't paying attention to anything this weekend except "downloadable bonus discount doorbuster coupons" for early entry to patronize corporate consumerism or make Amazon richer.

And yet... in the absolute middle of it all, between BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY, our pageviews of the Guide yesterday, on "Shopper Saturday," were a respectable 1,279. And as we begin writing this at 8 am today, "Shopper Sunday," we had already logged 854 readers. 

But hang on. Stick around a minute to see what happened to this morning's numbers before this short lil' edition went-up just before 10 am.

Before we simply say thanks to you, our readers, we want, first, to assure you that we do NOT collect any data on you. Blogspot supplies us with hourly and daily page view counts, by country of origin, and that's ALL. Our regular readers know that we are absolutely opposed to the standard Silicon Valley paradigm, which has oft been quoted as, "We'll give you something free! Just give us all of your private information."

Well, we who write and publish the Guide make it FREE to everyone who wants to read it, and we don't see or collect or know or sell a damn thing about any of our readers' identities or data or their / your personal analytics. Of course, we cannot say the same for the Googles of the world, and what they take just because you go to any site or use any app or read anything or navigate anywhere using any particular map site or app or program. We all know THEY track and analyze the hell out of you. But We don't, and won't.

All that said, we would like to share a couple of observations on the only thing we do see -- those global readership numbers.

ONE, if every American was obsessed with consumption, nobody would be reading this. Yet the "Black" Friday, Saturday and early morning Sunday numbers say otherwise.

And TWO, it seems there is NO shortage, worldwide, of folks looking for commentary that is critical of this bizarre annual focus on beating everyone else to low prices on stuff you'd never have thought of buying, otherwise. 

It really seems there is global fascination with the corporatocracy's most concerted full-court-press to get every American to part with their hard-earned cash, and especially to acquire evermore high-interest-rate credit card debt, to foment an obsessive addiction to accumulate more crap. And to buy expensive junk to give to friends and loved ones as part of the one-upmanship / ego-gratification of "holiday gift-giving."

We are not just outliers in all that. We are subversive saboteurs. Especially when we encourage everyone to give gifts, in the names of friends and loved ones, to disaster relief and worthy charities, museums, arts institutes, and nonprofit educational foundations and institutions.

This year, we're focusing on California wildfire victims, and first responders who lost their own homes while fighting the fires and saving others. And we will also donate to hurricane relief with an emphasis on our fellow Americans in Puerto Rico, where relief efforts were shockingly slow, and recovery efforts have been painfully inadequate. We've talked about those things in recent editions, so no need to belabor them here. 

Now, we mentioned international readers of the last edition. We'd like to recognize and thank our readers at home and abroad. 

During just ONE HOUR, the 8 am-9 am hour (Pacific time) this morning, we had readers from the following nations: 

Russia             2042
United States   430
France               175
Ireland                 60
Australia              49
Germany              40
Ukraine                 34
Indonesia             29
Spain                    14
India                     14

Wonder why the readership is higher in Russia than in the US? Remember, those numbers are for ONE HOUR, early Sunday morning in America. That's a Sunday EVENING, weekend-unwind-web-roam in some places and the middle of the night in others.

Of course we feel comfortable asserting that ACOUSTIC AMERICANA MUSIC is popular with music fans worldwide. We certainly saw that with the global readership last week for our feature on the late ROY CLARK, multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire and roots-bluegrass icon.

It may surprise you to know that our features on non-Trumpcentric American politics and US foreign policy did well, too, in terms of reader numbers within and beyond America's partially-walled borders.

But don't worry. We will always emphasize music and the arts here, while continuing to recognize issues of concern to artists and music fans that effect our mutual desire to build a better world.

Funny thing is, we miss seeing the "hourly" numbers for at least 22 of the 24 hours of any given day. Those only stay up where we can see them for one hour,  before they're replaced with each new hourly update. We just happened to be looking today as things, well, sorta exploded.

Glad to have you along for the ride.

We'll be back with a Guide for "GIVING TUESDAY," the day when we're all supposed to give whatever we have left after spending ourselves into oblivion on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and during this intervening melee of broken-field-running shopping as if it were a sport with trophies.

Meantime, our last edition is:

"TUNEFUL ALTERNATIVES TO MINDLESS CONSUMERISM" published early Friday -- "Black Friday" for the weekend.

It covers MUSIC EVENTS in the venues for this weekend and EACH EVENING OF THE COMING WEEK, along with our up-front treatise on the orgy of debt-incurring consumerism that overloads the landfills.

It's not even a look at the WHOLE scene of store-aisle takedowns to cross into the end zone of markdowns, and why cyber shopping is killing mom-and-pop businesses in everytown -- your town -- USA. Even while the robotic chant of "U-S-A, U-S-A" stifles reflective thought about the realities of America, what that chant seeks to reinforce is being assassinated by our own "gotta-getta-bargain!" behavior. But we do discuss MEANINGFUL ALTERNATIVES.

Scroll down, or go directly to it, at:


That's all for this edition. Stay tuneful!


We'll be back again soon with music news and more "News of the Non-Trumpcentric Universe." (c)



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