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Friday, April 26, 2019

Your Guide to this FESTIVAL-CRAZY end of April! Last-of-April edition, Apr 27 through 30, 2019.

Even with two days to scramble, scurry, and wander every-which-direction, you'll have some mighty tough choices from an excess of abundance to get yourself and your peeps satiated with tunage and FUN.

Don't assume you're already squared-away. We've made bunches of additions since the last edition was published.

However... this time around, that previous edition of "events" isn't obsolete yet -- That's because it extends into selected events for May and June, and this one covers ONLY THIS WEEKEND and the final days of APRIL. So go there for May & June.

As for the here and now? You're here, now! So let's get started!


one of two quick bits o' news...


Acoustic Musicians of all walks and genres are invited to apply to play "Official" and "Guerilla" showcases at the 2019 FAR-West conference. The 2019 conference returns October 10 through 13 at the Warner Center Marriott in Woodland Hills, west of Los Angeles, CA. It's the second consecutive year at that location, and you can expect FAR-West to be far away in 2020.

Folk Alliance Region West, aka FAR-West, is a vital part of a vigorous international music and storytelling organization. In addition to the annual Folk Alliance international conference, FAR-West holds theirs each year, somewhere in the Western US or Western Canada.

You need not be based in the West to apply or be selected. Same goes for other Folk Alliance regional conferences.

We mentioned two kinds of showcases.

The "Guerilla" showcases are in hotel rooms, with listeners jammed-in. Deadlines for those second-tier opportunities are on down the road.

The "Official Showcases" are the ones you want, playing on the main stage with good lighting and sound and plenty of seats for the audience. To do THAT, you need to get moving. Those are the applications that close on May 1st.

There are only 12 Official Showcase Artists selected to play at # farwest2019, performing to an audience of all attendees. Get selected for that, and you play for peers, venue bookers, radio hosts and producers, and more. As FAR-West says, "all eyes on you ... no competing activities!"

Read the 2019 updated guidelines carefully:

There is an email address on the form, in case you have questions.

But no dawdling, or it'll pass you by!

Learn more about Folk Alliance with the links at:


the second o' two quick bits o' news...


The AVA Gallery will open soon in the developing "Courson Arts Colony" at 939 E Ave Q12, Palmdale CA 93550. It even has a bus stop right across the street, so L.A. folks can ride the Metrolink train up scenic Soledad Canyon and catch the bus from the Palmdale train station.

They tell us, "Most of the things we need might be extra pieces, like office supplies or tables, that you've been meaning to donate to charity for years. Isn't it time you did a little Spring cleaning?!"

This isn't a random call for help. Their "wish list of items that we hope the community might be able to donate" is categorized and clear. (And of ciurse they'll take money and gift cards to all the big home improvement places.)

 Their "wish list" is at:
The full name of the "AVA gallery" is Antelope Valley Artists Gallery. The driving forces behind the new gallery use phrases you are not accustomed to hearing in the traditionally ultraconservative, gun-toting, methamphetamine-infested High Desert.

On very short notice (Saturday morning) they told the Guide of their weekrnd plans. Saturday, April 27 (noon-4 pm) & Sunday, April 28 (4 pm-6 pm) they'll be at the abuilding gallery to accept donations of items on their extensive want-list. (Fulfilling the need extends past the weekend, so keep reading.)
This Nathaniel Ancheta project stylistically returns
the long-gone antelope to Antelope Valley
It's not quite there yet. Some things still need to be put in place.

Certainly, artists in these parts have always been apart from that stuff -- creating bold sculpture and painting glorious scenes of breathtaking desertscapes, wildflower blooms, and wildly creative expressions that have nothing to do with landscapes. These desert-based artists, both newly arrived and long indigenous, are all about statements on culture and society, or new perspectives in mindscapes. They talk about the new gallery in terms like "Sustainability via Creativity."

In addition to that breath of fresh air, there are many of encouraging signd. Aready, they're a resource for artist development, as in the example of their tutorial:

"How to Write an Artists Statement"

We looked, and that's something of immediate use to ALL INDIE ARTISTS, INCLUDING MUSICIANS. It's at:

And they're doing a nicely inclusive

"Antelope Valley Arts & Culture Events"

all-desert calendar, with not just events to attend, but with PLENTY of classes and instructional / technique sessions listed, too. It's at:

Contact them at


Now, the jam-packed 
lineup of EVENTS!


A Festival-CRAZY Weekend!

Festivals are listed FIRST. Then It's morning in America all over again, because even the morning concerts, plus events like the (late) EARTH DAY / EARTH WEEK celebrations -- and other events -- follow today's festival listings.

Fri-Sun, Apr 26-28, FESTIVAL:
Annual "STAGECOACH" MUSIC  FESTIVAL happens on multiple stages on the enormously sprawling site at the Empire Polo Field outside Indio, CA.
*  Take a gander at the Nashville pop-country lineup, then work your way through the schedules to get to the always stunning FOLK-AMERICANA / BLUEGRASS / WESTERN MUSIC lineup on the pair of remote "B" stages. We always say It's worth going if you can tolerate the apocalyptic loudness of the pop-Nashvullers on the two distant "mane" stages.
*  YOU CAN LISTEN LIVE to select performances and backstage interviews if you have SIRIUS-XM. That info is in the story at:
*  The GUIDE isn't in attendance at this one this go 'round, because we're neck-deep covering multiple other events.
*  ALL the info:

Sat & Sun, Apr 27 & 28, FREE FESTIVAL:
9 am-5 pm - Annual "STEAM RAILFEST" for 2019, co-hosted by the "Santa Clara River Valley Railroad Historical Society" and the Fillmore & Western Railway, centered in the park at 364 Main St, Fillmore, CA
Both operating and static steam locomotives join
an array of antique and "steampunk" machines

*  Live music includes the ORCHARD BLUEGRASS BAND.
*  Enjoy train rides behind an operating steam locomotive, and a "Caboose Ride Adventure" to the Fillmore Citrus Packing House. (The Fillmore & Western runs on former Southern Pacific RR tracks now publicly-owned and maintained with funding from the Ventura County Transportation Commission.)
*  "Steampunk fun" is how the Fillmore &
Western Railroad's marketing director describes
Riding the authentic antique carousel
the added emphasis at this year's event.*  In one of the few times we allow the word "unique" to make it to print, it applies here. With activities for visitors, performances by people and machine, demonstrations of early machines and transportation, and vintage wares. There are -- in today's world -- assorted oddities that, in many cases, were common in times lost to us. As anyone involved  with steam restoration or the colorful "steampunk" arts community will tell you, it's all part of a lost culture when responsive mechanical, not menacingly mysterious electronic, devices empowered civilization.
*  It's living history mixed with that "steampunk fun."
*  "Dr. Solar’s Gypsy Wagon Medicine Man Show" is also on hand, as are antique carousel rides, exhibits both temporary and permanent (including tours of adjacent historic buildings), model train displays in three locations, movie props, old west "Frontier Gunfighters," live entertainment, food, wine tasting in the adjacent winery, vendors, and more.
*  Described as a celebration of the “renaissance of railroading,” the family-friendly, kid-friendly festival showcases steam engines, antique tractors, vehicles, and stationary steam and early-day gas engines.

(Quick Primer: they're identified by their assigned "roster numbers" and by their wheel arrangement. The latter is three numbers separated by hyphens. You count the wheels on both sides. So an engine with one unpowered guiding axle -- 2 wheels -- up-front, followed by four powered driving axles-- 8 wheels -- and no trailing wheels under the firebox, is a "2-8-0" -- similarly, there's a 4-6-0 and an 0-4-0 in this festival. Go find 'em!)  
☆  The 105-year-old Baldwin-built 2-8-0 that's now Fillmore & Western RR # 14 spent its original working life hauling huge blocks of stone from a Kansas quarry. She's now a passenger-hauling star, powering hour-long train rides from the festival site through miles of orange groves of "Heritage Valley." (See photo above of this and the next locomotive.)
☆  The movie prop engine from "The Wild, Wild West" is a full-size unpowered 4-6-0, and actually too big for 19th century track clearances. It remains popular with movie fans.
The Buckeye, a narrow gauge gem that worked in Africa.
See photo above for other steam on the property.
Click any image to enlarge. 
☆  New is the beautifully restored "Buckeye," built in 1935 by the Orenstein & Koppel Locomotive Works in Germany. Peter Nott of Arroyo Grande bought the little 0-4-0, and this is its coming-out party. It's two-foot gauge, burns wood or coal, and spent its working life in Africa, where its sister engine, the "Popeye," still remains.
☆   Fans of vintage diesels will see a pair of F-Units of the type that pulled streamlined  passenger trains, like the famous "Super Chief."

Usual F&W power when it's not "Steam Railfest"
is the 
bulldog-nosed F-unit diesel-electric.
F3's and F-7's 
pulled many "streamliners"
after WWII, and into the early 1970s.
☆  Early "hood unit" diesels are also there, though only hardcore railfans care, or can tell the difference between those, and today's, unesthetic ugly-box locomotives -- all assemblages of right angles with exterior railings and catwalks. Obviously, it's easy to appreciate why now-scarce streamlined diesels were the rage in their age, but face it -- steam is the star here as at any railway fest.
*  The festival is FREE, with options:
⊙  Operate a real handcar or ride its gasoline-powered descendent, the "Track Speeder."
⊙  Hour-long train ride tickets are $26 for adults, $15 for kids (ages 2-12), and free for kids under age 2, riding on a ticket holder's lap.
⊙  A special 3-hour steam dinner train is another option. It includes an authentic Mexican dinner during Railfest 2019. Ride behind the 105-year-old 2-8-0 #14 Baldwin steam locomotive. Travel through the beautiful Heritage Valley enjoying scenic views all around. Menu includes chips & salsa, rice, beans, cheese enchiladas and beef tamales. Get your tickets at the site below before they sell out.
*  Highball! (Ancient train speak, circa 1840, still used on today's railroads, it means "Go!")
*  Info & train tix:

Sat & Sun, Apr 27 & 28, FREE FESTIVAL:
9 am-5 pm - 2019 "SPRING STREET FAIR" presented by "Encinitas 101 MainStreet" and sponsored by Scripps Hospital; festival is
on S Coast Highway 101 in Encinitas, CA
*  Four entertainment stages
*  Over 450 food, arts and crafts vendors
*  Children’s rides
*  Bike Valets
*  Beer Garden
*  Free family fun and entertainmen.
*  The Beer Garden returns with craft beer from 5 breweries, live music, and delicious food.
*  Info, music line up, breweries, etc:
*  IF YOU GO, add this (from the Guide's "Ongoing Events:"
Through Apr 30:
"PHOTOGRAPHS ON WOOD: VINCENT DARMOHUSODO," at E101 Gallery, 818 S Coast Hwy 101, Encinitas CA
*  Vincent Darmohusodo is a local photographer with a passion for the ocean and surfing. His photos feature familiar beaches as well as beautiful scenes from his travels. By transferring his images onto recycled wood by hand, each of his works are one of a kind and original.

10 am-6 pm - annual "HARAMOKNGNA YARMAR (SPRING) CELEBRATION" at Haramokngna American Indian Cultural Center, in Angeles Nat'l Forest at the junction of Angeles Crest Hwy & Mt. Wilson Red Box Rd, high above La Canada-Flintridge, with an Azusa address.
*  Spring festivities bring live music, native food and crafts, and hands-on demonstrations at this free event.
*  You can also register for the morning's Spring Hike, departing at 8:30 am (link below).
*  Info on this at other events at the center:

Sat & Sun, Apr 27 & 28, FREE FESTIVAL:
11 am-5 pm - "OUR L.A. VOICES – A POP-UP ARTS+CULTURE FEST" in Grand Park, presented by the L.A. Music Center, in Grand Park, the 12-acre public space that stairsteps between the iconic '30s City Hall and the Music Center, with an official address at 200 N Grand Av, Los Angeles CA 90012
*  This is "a regional arts gathering that focuses exclusively on the diverse and powerful artistic talent in Los Angeles County."
*  This free arts fest features short film, dance, music, spoken word and theatre performances, as well as visual art by L.A. artists.
*  During both days of the festival, you can visit "Jardin del Arte," the public marketplace at Our LA Voices. The marketplace features a range of art works for sale including paintings, photographs, collages, postcards, jewelry, and plants from L.A. artists, including Patrick Martinez, Ramiro Gomez, Chinwe Okona, and Noe Olivas. Jardin del Arte is presented in partnership with Residency Gallery, Molcajete Dominguero and more tba.
*  The festival’s 2019 theme, "Origin Stories," explores and showcases distinctly Los Angeles narratives and questions about where we are, how we got here, and where we are going.
*  Featured artists+partners include:
Brandon Coleman
Molcajete Dominguero
Department of Cultural Affairs presents The Big Read
FLASH THEATRE by Playwrights Arena
Jon Lawrence Rivera, Artistic Director
Fran de Leon, director
Mark Seldis, director
Ashley Steed, director
KPCC In Person presents “Unheard LA”
Jon Cohn, co-producer/director
Bruce Lemon
Stephanie Sajor
Eddy M. Gana Jr.
Cheryl Farrell
Irene Sanchez
Bryan Kett
Mike Sonksen
October B.L.U.
Matt Sedillo
Kristina Wong
Viver Brasil
Linda Yudin, artistic director
Natalie Marrero, executive director
Luiz BadarĂ³, co-artistic director
No) One Arthouse
Christopher Bordenave, co-founder
Alyse Rockett
Brandon Mathis
Samantha Spense
Amaria Nicole
Kevin Zambrano
The Annenberg Center of Photography Presents PHOTOVILLE LA
Lluvia Higuera
Residency Gallery, curated by Ricky Brandon Garzon
Dance Film Showcase, curated by Sarah Elgart
Aidan Carberry
Benjamin Millipied
Jacob Jonas
Ryan Heffington
Katherine Helen Fisher
Lauren Machen
August Thurmer
Benjamin Shearn
Kitty McNamee
Mimi Cave
Carolyn DiLoreto
Megan Lawson
Children’s Film Showcase, curated by Elizabeth Shepard
Sahand Nikoukar
Jaehuen Chung
Lauren Hoekstra
Guy Pooles
Soyeon Kim
Yawen Kheng
Julie Bayer Salzman
Workshops: The Business of Making Art
Rachel Moore
Dan M. Forman
John L. Geiger
Jennifer Cuevas
Katrina Frye
Workshops: Creative Practice
Gina Young
Shamell Bell
and more still being announced.
*  Performance schedule to be posted on their website, but not there at our press time.
*  Parking downtown is expensive. Why not ride Metro? METRO RED or PURPLE LINE subway to CIVIC CENTER/GRAND PARK STATION, or walk from GOLD LINE light rail's LITTLE TOKYO/ARTS DISTRICT STATION.

Sat, Apr 27, FESTIVAL:
"NEW BLUES FESTIVAL" at the Huntington Beach Sports Complex, 18100 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach, CA 92647
*  Features live performances on two stages
MAIN STAGE features:
* Eric Sardinas
* New Blues Revolution
* Guitar Shorty
* James Harman
* Verdoros
* Rhythm Shakers
* The Broughams
* Whiskey & The Wolves
* Deb Taren Band
* The Michael Mills Band
* Union Hobos
Big Top Stage features:
* Papa J & Crosscut Deluxe
* Orange County Six String Showdown (Regional Winner)
* Jason Robert Band
* Beano/Mojohand
* The Sandy Haley Band
* Runson Willis III
*  The Motion
* Golden Butter Revue
* Up Jumped The Blues
* The Jim Fisk Jazztet
*  Volunteers sought. Deadline to apply is Apr 17. All volunteers receive food, drinks, and two FREE tickets to the show; info :

Brad Colerick
3 pm-10 pm - 11th annual "ECLECTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL AND ARTS CRAWL" returns on multiple stages, performance venues, and exhibition spaces in South Pasadena CA
*  A fine and fun free event, featuring 50 bands, including headliners the Gin Blossoms, Incendio, Dustbowl Revival, and the Elliott Caine Quintet, plus Chauncey Bowers and The Drive, and more, on a mix of 12 outdoor stages and indoor venues. There are art exhibits, a beer and wine garden, food trucks, restaurants and a prominent Irish Pub with live music, and plenty more to find and enjoy.
*  Street parking is free, but expect to walk -- it's popular. Or ride the Gold Line light rail to South Pasadena (formerly Mission) Station.

*  Be sure you find the indoor stage at the Carnegie Library -- and get there a bit early for any act you want to see. It fills-up.
*  Local singer/songwriter Brad Colerick is back as the music director, and he deserves kudos and applause for his bookings, inclusive of lots of Folk-Americana bands and artists.
*  Story at:

CONCERTS, EARTH WEEK EVENTS, and everything else today that isn't a festival...

Sat, Apr 27, benefit:
8:30 am-11:30 am - 10th anniversary "MARCH FOR MARROW LOS ANGELES" Commerative 5K Walk & Run, with live music by ANDY & RENEE, leaders of the multiple award-winning band HARD RAIN, at Shoreline Village, 401-435 Shoreline Village Dr, Long Beach CA 90802
*  FULL INFO on the event and the organization, at:

Sat, Apr 27:
9:30 am-noon - "COWBOY SOCIAL CLUB" holds its twice monthly meet-up (2nd & 4th Saturdays) at Big Jim’s Restaurant, 8950 Laurel Cyn Bl (at Sheldon St), Sun Valley CA 91352
*  Live Western/Cowboy music is featured.
*  Free parking at the restaurant.
*  It's a welcome session for those who dropped by the organization's booth at the "SANTA CLARITA COWBOY FESTIVAL." The organization is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.
*  Questions, call Dave: 818-515-2336
*  For those devices are infested with Facebook spyware, their web presence is:

10 am - "CITY NATURE CHALLENGE" at the Autry Museum of the American West, across from the L.A. Zoo in Griffith Park, at 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027
*  Take part in the in the "City Nature Challenge." Visit the museum's "California Cont’d" exhibitions to learn more about California’s natural environment, then join educators and experts to be part of the international competition where people and cities compete to see who can make the most observations of nature.
*  Check-out for more info.
*  This weekend, the Autry expects increased traffic congestion due to events at the LA Zoo; alternate route & transit info:
*  TIX: included with regular museum admission, no advance reservations req'd.

3 pm-9 pm - Two piggybacked events...
*  With a vegan potluck, plenty of speakers, music, art, KPFK radio personalities.
*  Opportunities to meet other folks who are passionate sbout protecting the planet from toxic exploitation. All the info is in the poster.
* Click the poster to enlarge.


CANCELLED: the duo's entire West-Coast tour is cancelled due to health issues.
Sat, Apr 27:
7:30 pm - ROBIN & LINDA WILLIAMS play the "San Diego Folk Heritage" concert series at Pilgrim United Church of Christ, 2020 Chestnut Av, Carlsbad, CA 92008
*  They also play Pasadena on Fri, Apr 26; see listing.
*  TIX for Carlsbad at:

Sat, Apr 27:
7:30 pm - NEVENKA plus the SWING RIOTS QUIRKTETTE play the concert series at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City, 12355 Moorpark St., Studio City, CA 91604

Sat, Apr 27:
8 pm-10:30 pm - "AN EVENING WITH THE HONEYSUCKLE POSSUMS" at the "Brogden Bay Presents" concert series at Four Friends Gallery, 1414 E Thousand Oaks Bl, Thousand Oaks CA 91301
*  Want trad string roots music? Here ya go.
*  The Honeysuckle Possums are a high-energy, all-woman band, playing bluegrass, originals, and old-time mountain music.
*  They have been together since 2009 and have one album with a second in the works. Their music has taken them all over California and they continue to gain praise for their beautiful vocals, carefully crafted harmonies, and spirited style. Their performances at various festivals and concerts continue to elicit rave reviews.
*  Series presenter Steve Brogden says, "In 2017, I was asked to provide some Americana musicians to play an outdoor concert at the Stagecoach Inn here in Thousand Oaks. Two bands came immediately to mind and the Honeysuckle Possums was one of them. Over 300 people attended that event and the Possums were a big hit that day. Their high-energy, harmonies, songwriting, and their sense of humor is what draws me – and others - to them."
*  The three lead singers, Susan Marie Reeves (guitar, strumstick, ukelele), Rebecca Troon (banjo, fiddle, bodhran, tin whistle) and Sierra Reeves (guitar, mandolin, standup bass) are all accomplished songwriters.
*  Lisa Macker plays stand up bass and mandolin while joining in on vocals and harmonies. Ruth Alpert is the band’s dancing percussionist… an Appalachian-style flat-footer, who seems to float as she makes it easy for the crowd to dance and clap along.
* The Possums’ intention is “to create and share bliss through music”. Their collective joy onstage is delightful, and their performances are carried on a strong current of love and friendship. “Possum” audience members often comment on how that energy is positively contagious.                                                                                   
*  All-ages show.
*  Parking: Find the address, turn in, then continue up the driveway a goodly distsnce to find plenty of parking spaces.  Four Friends Gallery on the left, with the "Brogden Bay Presents" banner.
*  BYOB ok, including alcohol.
*  ADV TIX: contact Steve Brogden by email at or by cell phone at 805.358.4970.  Feel free to leave a voice mail.
*  TIX: $25 pre-paid, $30 at the door.

Sat, Apr 27:
8 pm - "MUSIC OF QUEEN" performed by PACIFIC SYMPHONY for two nights (Fri & Sat) at Segerstrom Concert Hall, OC Performing Arts Center, Costa Mesa, CA.
 *  With the OSCAR-winning feature film "Bohemian Rhapsody," this concert was planned when that decision was prescient.
*  "We will, we will rock you!" became the memorably avant garde opening sequence to the 2001 medieval adventure-comedy film, "A Knight's Tale," and multiple generations have experienced the power and passion of Queen from the age of the 8-track to the digital download.
*  Now, experience it when a full symphony orchestra and rock band combine to pay tribute to one of the greatest bands of all time.
*  Enjoy hits such as “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “We Are the Champions,” “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” and many more.
*  TIX: Box Office, 714-755-5799;

Sat, Apr 27:
8 pm - ALBERT LEE plays the famous music hall in back of McCabe’s Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica, CA 90405; 310-828-4497

Sat, Apr 27:
8 pm -  JOE HALL AND THE CANECUTTERS play the second of their two Southern Cal shows, bringing Cajun, Creole & zydeco in their CD release tour for "Aye Cher Catin," this one at Alvas Showroom, 1417 W 8th St, San Pedro CA 90732; 310-833-7538.
*  “It’s gumbo time!" Join Joe and put some Louisiana spice in your life. Be transported to the Bayous and dance halls of southwest Louisiana with authentic "Old School" high energy “amped-up Creole La-La” – two-steps and waltzes inspired by Creole greats Canray Fontenot and Bois Sec Ardoin. He also honors his grandfather Clement “King” Ned, whos music was recorded by the Smithsonian.
*  While playing both traditional and original tunes, Joe sings in Creole French and weaves the stories of his childhood and his Creole heritage into the show, creating a warm, happy evening, and imparting memories to his audience.
*  Come dance with Joe and the band. The venue will open the dance floor for this special occasion.
*  While no formal dance lesson is scheduled, Cajun/Zydeco dance instructor KAREN REDDING will be on hand to give a few tips before the show, upon request. As part of the Louisiana tradition of "Lagniappe" (a little something extra), WYNONAH COUSIN of MARDI GRAS DOLL will bring some of her Mardi Gras inspired swag and Joe will be selling and signing his CDs.
*  Listen to a few of the tunes:
⊙  “Un Jour Venir Souffert” at:
⊙  “Madeline” at:
⊙  “Creole Medley” at:
*  Feel free to bring your own food and non-alcoholic beverages. The venue invites you to bring your own dinner and NON-alcoholic beverages; people bring multi-course dinners to shows here.
*  Buy your tickets promptly as this show will sell-out.
*  More info:
*  TIX: $25, at:
NOTE: If you try to purchase and it’s sold out, contact Karen Redding at 562-708-8946 BEFORE April 19 and she will try to get you into the show.
*  More at Joe’s website:

Sat, Apr 27:
9 pm - ALANIS MORISSETTE plays two nights at the Pearl Concert Theater at Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, NV
*  TIX for Fri:
*  TIX for Sat:
*  She does an all-acoustic show in San Diego Jun 21 at 8 pm; see listing.


♡♤◇♧ - !  BUNCHES of FESTIVALS conclude today that started Saturday or earlier. 

We do NOT re-list them here, so scroll back to Saturday!

11 am-6 pm - 30th annual "FIESTA BROADWAY" is the largest "Cinco de Mayo" celebration in the world.
*  Hyped as "The Super Bowl of Festivals" and produced annually by All Access Entertainment, it's held in downtown Los Angeles along Broadway and in the streets around City Hall, N Broadway and W 1st St, downtown Los Angeles, CA 90012
*  200,000+ festival attendees enjoy performances by well-known Latin American artists.
*  There is authentic Mexican food from local-area vendors.
*  Carnival-style games and rides fill out the fun for all ages.
*  Parking is impossible. Riding the Red/Purple subway to Civic Center/Grand Park Station will likely encounter long waits in line for space on the trains. Our advice? Walk from Union Station, and use transit to/from there.

Noon-4 pm - 19th annual "TASTE OF HUNTINGTON BEACH" is a today-only BENEFIT supporting The Friends of Children's Library, and held at the Sports Complex, 18000 Goldenwest St, Huntington Beach CA
*  This is a one-ticket, ALL-INCLUSIVE event.
*  It features live entertainment by THE RAMSEY BROTHERS BAND.
*  The centerpiece is "delectable tastes from local restaurants and catering companies," plus "unlimited sips from favorite wineries and breweries," to make for "The perfect mix for a great day of food, fun, and friends."
*  TIX & info:

Sun, Apr 28, FREE w/ reservation:
Noon-3 pm - STUDENT VISUAL ARTS EXHIBITION: "VISIONS OF EQUALITY OPENING RECEPTION" at the Autry Museum of the American West, across from the L.A. Zoo in Griffith Park, at 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027
*  Meet student artists, share your vision of equality, and participate in a hands-on silkscreen workshop with the Barrio Mobile Art Studio led by artists from Self Help Graphics & Art during the opening reception of the Student Visual Arts Exhibition: Visions of Equality. The Student Visual Arts Exhibition is an initiative that calls on middle and high school students to share their research, learning, and thinking through visual art. Presented by Autry Classroom Curators.
*  This weekend, the Autry expects increased traffic congestion due to events at the LA Zoo; alternate route & transit info:
*  EVENT info:
*  TIX: FREE w/ reservation (link above).

Sun, Apr 28, FILM EVENT:

1:30 pm - "WEIRD WEST FILM SERIES" presents "THE VALLEY OF GWANGI" (1969) at the Autry Museum of the American West, across from the L.A. Zoo in Griffith Park, at 4700 Western Heritage Way, Los Angeles, CA 90027
*  Introduced by ERIC YOUNG, executive producer of "RAY HARRYHAUSEN: THE EARLY YEARS COLLECTION" (2005) and professor of film production at Chapman University.
*  Included with museum admission, but YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR THEATRE SEAT IN ADVANCE, at:
*  This weekend, the Autry expects increased traffic congestion due to events at the LA Zoo; alternate route & transit info:

Sun, Apr 28:
3 pm - THE KINGSTON TRIO plays the Balboa Theatre, 868 Fourth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101; 619-570-1100

Sun, Apr 28:
7 pm - SILKROAD ENSEMBLE, that incredible all-star roots-music-and-beyond group with YO YO MA, presents "HEROES TAKE THEIR STANDS" at the Younes and Soraya Nazarian Center for the Performing Arts (formerly the Valley Performing Arts Center at CSUN), 18111 Nordhoff St, Northridge, CA 91330; 818-677-3000
*  They also play Apr 26, 8 pm in Santa Barbara and Apr 30, 8 pm in Costa Mesa; see listings.

Sun, Apr 28:
8 pm - GURF MORLIX plays the famous music hall in back of McCabe’s Guitar Shop, 3101 Pico Bl, Santa Monica, CA 90405; 310-828-4497


Mon, Apr 29:
8 pm - JOYCE WOODSON, KRISTINA OLSEN, & TERESA TUDURY present a show they've dubbed the "Three women song swap," at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, 2029 N Lake Av, Altadena, CA 91001; reservations are a must, and do that promptly, 10 am-10 pm, 7 days, at 626-798-6236
*  This is a real "wow" of a show. If you Don't know all three of the artists in this show, you should.


Tue, Apr 30:
8 pm - SILKROAD ENSEMBLE, that incredible all-star roots-music-and-beyond group with YO YO MA, presents "HEROES TAKE THEIR STANDS" at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts,  Samueli Theatre, 600 Town Center Dr, Costa Mesa, CA 92626; 714-556-2787
*  They also play Apr 26, 8 pm in Santa Barbara, and Apr 28, 7 pm in the SFV; see listings.


After that, It's the month of MAY, and It's time to go scroll our previous (and GIANT) events edition to see the May & June events that we've reported so far. It's at:

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As always, we have lots of MUSIC NEWS features in the works, and they'll be along as we get them dressed, shoes tied, cowlicks combed down, bowties cranked straight, and strings tuned.
'Til we catch ya on the flip side,
in our best Kathy Baker
"Hee Haw" voice: "That's all!"
Stay tuneful!


We'll be back again soon with music news and more "News of the Non-Trumpcentric Universe." (c)



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