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Friday, April 21, 2017


Lots happening. We have FOUR separate editions today to cover it all without too much scrolling. News Feature # 1 explains it all.

Let's get started!


LATE BREAKING NEWS ADDITION... this sad news arrived after we went to press...

Slaid Cleaves and his wife Karen posted this aftrenoon...

"With heavy hearts we're sharing some sad news about a dear friend, Jimmy LaFave. Jimmy has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. There is a GoFundMe site in his honor, benefiting charities of his choosing. The family is asking that all his friends, fans, and well-wishers express their love through the comment section on this site, as a way of compiling the outpouring of love from the community in one central location."

They continue, "Jimmy is scheduled to play tonight 4/21 at 8pm in Austin, Texas, at Threadgill's World HQ. We'll be there to hear the soulful voice and songs that have enriched our lives, and to share our grief with friends. If Jimmy needs help getting through the night Slaid and many other Austin musicians will be at the ready."

Thank you,

Slaid & Karen



1) This Weekend's Festival Scene is Wowsa with Abundance & Quality

2) A Guide to the 10th Annual "RECORD STORE DAY" on Saturday, April 22nd

3) A Special Bluegrass "RECORD STORE DAY" Release

4) After "Record Store Day," there's "RECORD STORE CRAWL 2017" in July

5) "EARTH DAY" Special Video Download: "EARTH AS A PLANET"

6) FREE (and Timely) Screening on Sunday of Top Documentary Film


Quote of the week:

“If you pour some music on whatever’s wrong, it’ll sure help out.” — Levon Helm.


# 1 news feature...


Even before you get to the fact that it's EARTH DAY weekend and there are bunches of festival-size events for that? The big ones that were already on everyone's list are the annual "L.A. TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS" and "SANTA CLARITA COWBOY FESTIVAL." Both run Saturday and Sunday and both are loaded with live music performances.

There are so many more festivals that we JUST published a fully UPDATED edition focused on ALL this weekend's festivals AND it covers all the festivals through the first week of May! It's a mighty big catalog, and it contains all ya need ta know to go. Or dream about going next year.

The Guide's catalog includes a separate list for the Earth Day-related festivals that are happening Saturday, and some that extend beyond that.

So we published three more SEPARATE editions, dedicated to covering the biggest and best festivals happening this weekend. The way to find all THREE of those Guide festival editions, PUBLISHED TODAY, is right here:

✔ "Guide to ALL the Weekend Festivals, April 22 & 23 (and beyond!) - 2017" is at:

✔ "L.A. Times Festival of Books" Apr 22 & 23 (USC, L.A., CA) has plenty of music, plus so much more that we offer you the BEST Guide anywhere to this gargantuan event. It's in its very own dedicated edition, at:

✔ "Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival" Guide, April 22 & 23 in Newhall (Santa Clarita) CA - 2017, gets its own dedicated coverage, at:

Here's a simple list of all the LOCAL festivals we include in today's companion editions, and we include a separate list for the Earth Day-related festivals.

Part one... everything LOCAL that isn't listed with the Earth Day-related fests...

✔ "SANTA CLARITA COWBOY FESTIVAL" Guide, April 22 & 23 in Newhall (Santa Clarita) CA - 2017


✔ "L.A. TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS" Apr 22 & 23 with lots of live music (USC, L.A., CA).

✔ "DEAD ON THE HILLTOP - SPRING 2017" Apr 20-23 (Apple Valley, CA)

✔ 18th annual "NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL" Apr 20-27 includes music-related films and some live music (Newport Beach, CA)


Part two...


Apr 22 and thereabouts, 2017:
- - - -
✔ "DEAD ON THE HILLTOP - SPRING 2017" Apr 20-23 (Apple Valley, CA)

✔ 18th annual "NEWPORT BEACH FILM FESTIVAL" Apr 20-27 include the "Environmental Film Series" (Newport Beach, CA)

✔ "EARTH DAY FESTIVAL SANTA BARBARA" Apr 21-22 (Santa Barbara, CA)


✔ "CALIFORNIA POPPY FESTIVAL" Apr 22 & 23 (Lancaster, CA)

✔ "L.A. TIMES FESTIVAL OF BOOKS" Apr 22 & 23 (USC, L.A., CA). We include 12 listings for Earth Day-related exhibitors. (Plus, there's music.)

✔ "TOPANGA EARTH DAY FESTIVAL" Apr 22 & 23 is cancelled / on hiatus (Topanga, CA)

✔ "WILD FOR THE PLANET" Earth Day to Endangered Species Day, Apr 22-May 19 (L.A. Zoo)

✔ "ARBOR DAY CELEBRATION" Apr 29 (Hollenbeck Park, L.A.)

THERE ARE MANY MORE. We also include -- with full write-ups -- the best Folk-Americana festivals that are happening elsewhere. But we didn't list those here. And in this short list, we didn't tell you about all the ones happening after this weekend. You'll find 'em all in the "Guide to ALL the Weekend Festivals, April 22 & 23 (and beyond!) - 2017."

See the details of each one in our separate "FESTIVALS UPDATE" Guides, using the url's above.


# 2 news feature...


Event features special "RSD"-only releases and more

On Saturday, hundreds of independently-owned music stores across the world will simultaneously unite with the purpose of celebrating our culture and the unique place that record stores occupy both in their local communities and the world. The Guide is, and always has been, bigtime fans and proponents of record stores and "Record Store Day" (RSD), and the annual event is again proving its worth with a slew of special RSD releases.

Many of these record stores will have limited edition vinyl and/or CD releases pressed in cooperation with artists or labels, exclusively available for "Record Store Day." Amoeba, in Hollywood, promises "hundreds of RSD releases" available Saturday, in-store only. But it's a big deal in every record store, everywhere.

Canterbury Records in Pasadena says, "There will be around 350, mostly limited edition, mostly vinyl, releases on that day," and they promise to have "almost all of them in stock on Record Store Day."

With all the RSD-only releases everywhere they're available, you can't dawdle or put things off. At each store that offers special RSD items, things are limited to stock on hand and available on a first come, first served basis. Even at cavernous Amoeba, it's "No holds, no phone orders. Limit one copy per title, per customer." They add, "We cannot accept any store coupons on RSD releases."

Yeah, it's a big deal.

Also to commemorate Saturday's big day, many record stores will have RSD specials and sales on other merch, too -- sales on things like turntables and posters and t-shirts and used DVDs and/or CDs are featured at some stores. Some of 'em save-up the best used CDs for RSD, to add to the delight of those who go out that day.

At most participating record stores, anything that remains of the RSD titles will be posted for sale on Sunday, April 23rd. Note the word, "remains."

Pasadena is especially blessed with great record stores. Of course, it's worth getting acquainted with any that are local to you, and the ones that specialize in what you like, everywhere. Copy this list into your phone and keep it handy:

✔ Canterbury Records, 805 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA; 626-792-7184;

✔ Poo-Bah Record Shop, 2636 E Colorado Blvd (relocated from the old, smaller location on Walnut), Pasadena, CA; 626-449-3359;

✔ Bowl & Fork Records, 1308 E Colorado Blvd # 1346, Pasadena, CA 91106; 323-527-7147;

✔ Penny Lane Records (formerly in Pasadena, now in larger quarters in Upland), 1551 W 13th St #107, Upland CA 91786; 909-982-1212;

✔ Smogtown Records, 61 E Foothill Bl, Arcadia, CA 91006; 626-446-2100.

ON INTO L.A. & HOLLYWOOD, (grouped geographically) there are these fine independent record stores:

✔ Mono Records, 1610 E Colorado St, Glendale, CA 91205; 323-928-2475;

✔ Rockaway Records, 2395 Glendale Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90039; 323-664-3232;

✔ Jacknife Records & Tapes, 3149 Glendale Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90039; 323-661-4533;

✔ Gimme Gimme Records, 5810 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA; 323-550-1878;

✔ Permanent Records, 5116 York Bl, Los Angeles, CA; 323-739-6141;

✔ Now-Again Records, 5636 York Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90042; 323-254-2808;

✔ Cosmic Vinyl, 2149 Sunset Bl, Echo Park (Los Angeles), CA 90026; 213-568-3113;

✔ High Fidelity, 1027 N Orange Dr (near La Brea & Santa Monica Bl), Los Angeles, CA 90038; 323-466-9694 ext 23;

✔ Amoeba Music, 6400 Sunset Bl, Hollywood, CA 90028;

✔ Counterpoint Records & Books, 5911 Franklin Av, Hollywood, CA 90028; 323-957-7965;

✔ Balsas Records and Altamirano Records, 2476 Fletcher Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90039; 323-661-6060. (Spanish music.)

✔ Sounds of Music, 4956 Whittier Bl, Los Angeles, CA 90022; 323-261-9224.

✔ Record Jungle, 2459 W Whittier Bl Ste B, Montebello, CA 90640; 323-725-0940;

At the giant Amoeba, they tell us it'll work this way: "Amoeba Hollywood uses a menu system and our staff pulls RSD titles for customers in the morning. On Saturday, the line for RSD titles will form early on Ivar [the sidestreet]. We’ll have free coffee and treats from our friends at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for the early birds in line. The store is open 10:30 am–11 pm on April 22. Please note, the trade counter will open late at 2 pm and close at 9 pm."


# 3 news feature...


There are soooo many special releases due for Saturday's annual "Record Store Day," and we picked this one to report. It's a special "RSD" release that will interest many readers. It's "PICKIN' ON NIRVANA: THE BLUEGRASS TRIBUTE FEATURING IRON HORSE."

The special vinyl RSD record store day release ts Saturday, April 22, and the digital release is April 28. But there's more:

For those whose devices are infested with the myriad spyware that comes with any social media account, there is a "Facebook live IRON HORSE performance" at 10 am Pacific Time on Saturday, at:


Here's the detailed info on the album and the release...

CMH Records is celebrating the release of "Pickin' On Nirvana: The Bluegrass Tribute Featuring Iron Horse," the latest installment of their series featuring bluegrass interpretations of influential artists. To commemorate the special vinyl release this Saturday, Iron Horse will perform live from Oz Music in Tuscaloosa, AL, with the entire set being streamed live on CMH Records' Facebook page (link above) at 10 am Pacific Time (noon Central, 1 pm Eastern).

This album presents the melody lines of songs by the seminal alternative rockers stripped down to bare bones roots music. Alabama-based quartet IRON HORSE brings their traditional instrumentation and harmonious vocals to bear while tackling KURT COBAIN's wildly influential fusion of melody and discordance. It all adds up to a collection of renditions that are unlike anything ever heard by fans of bluegrass and NIRVANA.

Select tracks from the album have been rolled-out in advance of the official release. "Rolling Stone" first premiered the music video for "All Apologies," while "Brooklyn Vegan" debuted the track "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle" and "Glide Magazine" exclusively shared "Drain You."

IRON HORSE's RICKY ROGERS told "No Depression," "Most bluegrass groups cover FLATT & SCRUGGS, THE STANLEY BROTHERS, BILL MONROE, etc., because the performance of those songs by other artists are very close to the original compositions. I prefer the term 'tribute,' because we put a different interpretation on works that are widely recognized in their original form, and our intent is to pay tribute to the original artists' efforts and creations."

IRON HORSE's rendition of "Night on the Sun" from Pickin' On's tribute to MODEST MOUSE was featured prominently in HBO's "True Blood," and you can watch that at:

This past December 2016, their tribute to METALLICA, "Fade to Bluegrass: A Bluegrass Tribute to Metallica," reached #13 on the "Billboard Top Bluegrass Albums" chart. Check out Iron Horse performing "Enter Sandman" at:

Track listing for "Pickin' On Nirvana: The Bluegrass Tribute Featuring Iron Horse":

1. All Apologies
2. About A Girl
3. In Bloom
4. Polly
5. Drain You
6. Pennyroyal Tea
7. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
8. Come As You Are
9. Sappy
10. On A Plain
11. Dumb

Born out of a love of rock music and for the virtuosity of bluegrass musicians, the CMH Records' "Pickin' On" series features the best in bluegrass, paying tribute to the biggest and brightest artists in rock and pop. Though it started modestly in 1993 with the release of "Pickin' On the Movies," tributes to The Beatles and Eagles soon followed, and by 1997 the Pickin' On Series was on fire.

CMH Records remains dedicated to presenting the finest in bluegrass and roots music, through re-issues of classic material by the greats and stellar recordings from new voices. Other artists that have been given the "Pickin' On" treatment include GRATEFUL DEAD, METALLICA, BOB DYLAN, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, COLDPLAY, THE BLACK KEYS, JACK WHITE, MODEST MOUSE, THE KILLERS, and many more.

We often played tracks from the many albums in the series when we did the weekly L.A. broadcast radio / web simulcast show, "Tied to the Tracks," and they were always hits with listeners.

The label boasts, "The Pickin' On Series continues to thrive with one hand in traditional bluegrass and the other in popular music, ready for the next chance to create innovative bluegrass music."

The logistics might be challenging to hit your local independent record store on Record Store Day, and then keep any vinyl you buy protected from the mid-day heat while you hit one of the festivals. But it's surely worth doing.

Just as we celebrate (and to the greatest extent we can, promote) local musical instrument stores that feature sales, service, repair and appraisals of instruments, especially when they host jams and present concerts, we happily promote outlets for books on music, sheet music, and more. And we rise in celebration of Record Store Day.


# 4 news feature...


We must report this early, because it sells-out every year. "Record Store Crawl" returns to L.A. on Saturday, July 22. If you get your tix in time, you'll climb on a bus for a day of music-themed festivities, discounts, giveaways, and visits to the finest record stores in LA: Amoeba Hollywood, the Record Parlour, Permanent Records, Cosmic Vinyl, and High Fidelity. Organizers say, "It's like a bar crawl... but way better. Beer AND vinyl."

This sold out last year, so grab your tickets now, at:

or at:


# 5 news feature...


There is no shortage of things we could discuss or links for images that show things going terribly wrong with humanity's failure to practice good stewardship for the only planet all of us have to live on. But we decided it would be better to inspire you.

Thus, we choose this short, eight-and-a-half minute video documentary from the European Space Agency's "ESA Euronews." It's titled "Earth as a Planet," released April 21, 2017.

Be sure to select the language you want. It's available in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, or Hungarian.

The promo reads, "Earth is the largest rocky planet in our Solar System, and the only body we know of capable of supporting life. With so much news about exoplanets dominating the headlines, in this episode of 'Space' we take a step back to take a look at Earth as a planet.
"Four and a half billion years old and 149.6 million kilometres from the Sun, it's not like anything else in the Solar System: 'Planet Earth is quite a particular planet,' says Josef Aschbacher, Director of Earth Observation at ESA. 'We have 70% of water, we have land masses which are actually moving over time. We have an atmosphere which is rich in oxygen, nitrogen, in water vapour. All of these are necessities in order to have life on a planet like this.'"

The film focuses on Rome, rather than being yet another "oh, wow" look at a rainforest canopy or melting glaciers. That's quite a brilliant choice, since most of us inhabit cities. The promo continues:

"Rome is a perfect spot to look at the defining characteristics of planet Earth, in particular the presence of liquid water. Our home planet has the right temperature and correct atmospheric pressure for water to flow on its surface, making it so hospitable to life."

It's at:

You can watch or download an MP4 in two formats, 72.41 MB or 221.51 MB. They allow you to keep a copy, but it is copyright ESA/Euronews.

That said, celebrate Earth Day on Saturday in some way that's meaningful to you. And remember that every day is Earth Day.


# 6 news feature...


With the release on Friday of the new Hollywood feature film, "The Promise," that attempts to find heroes and redemption while finally addressing one of history's worst genocides -- which has been disgracefully repressed in America by international political "considerations" and an equally disgraceful fear of offending the nation of Turkey -- the local reprise of this acclaimed documentary is perfectly timed.

Sunday, April 23, 2017, at 4 pm, brings a FREE screening of "CROWS OF THE DESERT -- A HERO’S JOURNEY THROUGH THE ARMENIAN GENOCIDE” at the Warner Grand Theatre, 478 W 6th St, in historic downtown San Pedro, CA 90731.

We mentioned the long-running fear of the US government about offending Turkey, which remains a key NATO ally despite the questionable election there, just a few days ago, that gave near dictatorial powers to its president.

Turkey has a long history of denying its holocaust, the mass extermination of a million-and-a-half of its Armenian citizens early in the 20th century. A story today in the "Hollywood Reporter" gets into the latest in the long series of the lengths to which Turkey will go to cover-up its scandalous past: "'The Promise' vs. 'The Ottoman Lieutenant': Two Movies Battle Over The Armenian Genocide" by Alex Ritman & Mia Galuppo was published at 6:30 am PDT, 4/21/2017. It details the "official" film from Turkey that seeks to discredit the new Hollywood feature film, "The Promise."

Read that story at:

As for the acclaimed documentary film that is screening FREE, "Crows of the Desert" -- this is a special reprise screening here of this 61-minute film in honor of "Armenian History Month." Produced in the USA in 2016, it's a moving and acclaimed documentary, directed by MARTA HOUSKE. It's presented by the "L.A. Harbor International Film Festival" (which happened in March and was covered in the Guide) and the office of L.A. County Supervisor Janice Hahn.

Be advised that some of the archival visual imagery will be disturbing. The story couldn't be told, otherwise. Doors open at 3 pm for the best seats.



For now, Happy Trails!

MUCH, MUCH MORE is coming soon -- that includes MUSIC NEWS and the LOCAL and NATIONAL Folk-Americana music festival scene !

Meantime, don't sit home this weekend, or any weekend through the end of the month!



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