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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thursday morning on the radio...

Here's one that's different from what you usually see in the Guide, but so special you need to know about it. And remember to check the previous edition for ALL the Thursday events and this weekend's FESTIVALS.

Thursday morning at 8:30 am, JASON BONHAM does a live performance-interview, playing all-acoustic, on KLOS in Los Angeles; it's available worldwide on the station's webstream at

Bonham is the son of LED ZEPPELIN's late drummer JOHN BONHAM and leader of the band, the LED ZEPPELIN EXPERIENCE. This morning's radio promotes the band's tour and their concert tonight at the Greek Theatre.

Jason Bonham performed with the members of the original Led Zeppelin at a London concert that is now a feature film, opening Friday. So he has plenty to promote. And it ain't every day you can hear Led Zep's music by someone with a pedigree, done acoustically.


Much more coming soon. Meantime, a good preview of this weekend's FESTIVALS and tonight's live music scene are in the previous edition, available just below or in the sidebar at left, depending on where you are reading this.

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