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Thursday, November 6, 2014

800 million Apple devices, including iPhones, at risk. Nov 6 2014

So many people in the arts are devotees of Apple devices, and many performing artists use their iPhones to manage their tours, bookings, merch sales, and other business -- so many, that the Guide is advising our readers of what is being called "an unprecedented threat."

iPhones and other Apple devices are being targeted by an "unprecedented" virus-like software.

Here's some info from NewsNet5:

The program is called "Wirelurker." It's the first malware or "malicious software" program that can infect iPhone applications like a virus,cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks said Wednesday in a press release.

Wirelurker can install new applications onto the phone without permission and even creep into a phone through a USB connection with computer.

Reuters reports that the malware began in a Chinese app store,where about 400 infected apps have been downloaded 350,000 times. From there,it made its way onto Mac computers.

More at link.


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