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Monday, June 22, 2015


(This story was updated in the June 23 edition; that update appears below, as well.)


In Memoriam JAMES HORNER (1953-2015)

Composer James Horner had written many prominent, celebrated, and beloved film scores, including those for "Titanic", "Avatar," and "Braveheart." He had been nominated nine times for Oscars, winning twice in 1998 for "My Heart Will Go On" and his "Titanic" score.

Monday evening, USA Today posted news of his death in a plane crash, something that occurred Monday morning near the Santa Barbara County / Ventura County border. The Hollywood Reporter and other sources soon confirmed the tragic news.

When we mourn the loss of any artist, sometimes we are almost selfish, thinking that we will never again enjoy a new expression of that person's creativity. But do we think of the fact that that person was dad or mom, son or daughter, sister or brother, best friend since childhood, to somebody who loved them for the unique human being that they were, the totality of who they were?

L.A. musician Emily Sanders commented, “James Horner was one of my favorite composers for film... with music that brought so many films to life... His much had such beauty and uplifting themes.” She sent us comments with a link

“On October 4, 2013, James Horner received the ‘Max Steiner Film Music Achievement Award’ from the City of Vienna, Austria for 2013.” Thanks to the posted video, “you can watch his emotional acceptance speech and get some impressions from this marvelous celebration. In it, Deborah Cox and Jeremy Schonfeld perform Horner’s ‘If We Hold on Together,’ conducted by David Newman. The night was called ‘Hollywood In Vienna.’ James Horner called this event ‘The most memorable moment in my life.’” Our thanks to Emily Sanders.

Horner’s speech and the musical performances at “Hollywood In Vienna” are at:

Emily also sent another link, calling it, “My favorite interview with James Horner. He talks about his love of music and flying, and how the two are woven together seamlessly in this movie. In this particular score – which he did with much more creative freedom than some of his previous projects – there is a unique and uplifting feeling... an inspirational video!”

Watch, "Behind the Scenes: James Horner Scores 'The Horseman'," at:

Musician Duane Thorin commented, “I consider his to be some of the very finest film scoring ever. ‘Field of Dreams’ is so, so fine. So much heart in his work. A brilliant sensitive artist is lost to us. Thank you so much James, thank you. I only know his art, and never even saw his picture. But he touched deeply. My loss is selfish, so I send my sympathy to family.”


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