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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The Guide’s NEWS FEATURES, reviews, etc: Catalogue for the past six months

There’s a little urgency this time for our semi-annual access tool. Recent editions of the Guide have brought numerous and frequent NEWS FEATURE STORIES, and many of those appear in editions that cover events for just a single day. Looking at the site’s metrics, it’s obvious a lot of regular readers have missed things. In case you’ve missed any of the news, this reference tool with its handy urls (web addresses) will make it easy to access everything.

Listed from most recent edition with News Features to the ones farthest back with News Features, here are the titles of each NEWS FEATURE story, the dates of the editions in which each ran, and the urls to get there. Enjoy!

1) June 23 2015:
• James Horner, Renowned Film Composer, Dead Monday in Plane Crash
• Susie Glaze & the Hilonesome Band release “Not that Kind of Girl,” out today
• Backbeat Books Publishes “Boutique Acoustics – 180 Years of Handbuilt American Guitars”
• Its Solid Gold Phonograph Records? A While Ago, but the Space Program Isn’t Quite Dead

2) Jun 22 2015:
• Strong edition of “Woodsongs Old-Time Radio Hour” this week; live today
• “Green Grow the Lilacs” – Pulitzer Prize-nominated play at Theatricum in Topanga

3) Jun 20-21 2015:
• Some Out-of-the-Ordinary Weekend Radio (listen en-route to a festival)

4) Jun 19 2015:
• Some Out-of-the-Ordinary Weekend Radio (listen en-route to a festival)

5) Jun 18 2015:
• Ticket Give-Away! Long Beach Bayou & Blues Festival
• Neil Young Turns a Bad Situation (with Donald Trump) into a Teachable Moment

6) Jun 17 2015:
• Today in History… June 17th is a date you should know, for two reasons…

7) Jun 16 2015:
• New Concert Series with impressive artists debuts TODAY on You-Tube
• Yonder Mountain String Band’s new album “Black Sheep” drops today
• The Silver Lake Chorus has a self-titled album, out today
• Paul Zollo’s “Universal Cure,” Album Review by Paula McMath

8) Jun 15 2015:
• News: 800 years ago today…

9) Jun 13 & 14 2015:
• Farewell to Triple Chicken Foot: Saturday is last tango for L.A.’s key Old Time band
• Happy 800th Birthday, Magna Carta! Two Saturday music shows celebrate

10) Jun 5-7 2015:
• Farewell to a Music Icon – Appalachian Music Legend Jean Ritchie, Gone at 92…

11) Jun 4 2015:
• Farewell to a Music Icon – Appalachian Music Legend Jean Ritchie, Gone at 92…

12) May 29 2015:
• May 30th in history... 19-year-old Joan of Arc...
• Winners at the 56th Annual Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival
• CD release news: remarkable success right out of the starting gate for John M
• Keeping the Blues Alive on the CBS Evening News

13) May 27 2015:
• Winners at the 56th Annual Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest & Folk Festival

14) May 22 2015:
• iZotope Launches “Mastering Academy” with Jonathan Wyner
• A Memorial Day Story…

15) May 19 2015:
• David Letterman & Bob Dylan
• Our Feature Story: What in th' World is Up with "Country"-?
• 2015 "Music Legend" Honoree Thanks All Who Were there for the Presentation
• Music Legend Winners Exchange Letters

16) May 15 2015:
• Remembering B.B. King, 1925-2015

17) May 14 2015:
• 2015 “Music Legend” Award: and the Winner Is: the Guide’s founding editor, Lawrence Wines

18) May 12 2015:
Reviews: New releases today ~ two CDs and a new book…
• Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell, "The Traveling Kind" (CD & vinyl LP)
• Jimmy LaFave, "The Night Tribe" (CD)
• Duff McKagan, “How to Be a Man (And Other Illusions)” (book)

19) May 9 2015:
• The Festival that Isn’t Happening, and it’s a Damn Shame

20) May 8 2015:
• Battleship Iowa – “Music Under the Guns”
• May 8th, Seventy Years Ago Today: VE Day

21) May 7 2015:
• May 7th, One Hundred Years Ago Today: The RMS Lusitania... (with music links)

22) May 1 2015:
NEWS QUICKIES: Five of ’em. All short.
• 2015 "Music Legend" Award Honoree Announced
• Venue Closing: Goodbye Café Cordiale
• Music Benefit for Musician Russ Lewark
• "Benefit Concert For Nepal"
• Film Screening, one-week-only: “Gardeners of Eden”

23) April 22 2015:
• Happy Earth Day, from the Front Lines... April 22, 2015

24) April 18 2015:
• Saturday is National Record Store Day

25) April 15 2015:
• Folk-Americana Music Marked the 150th Anniversary of Lincoln's Assassination in Ford's Theatre

26) April 14 2015:
• April 14th. Perhaps THE day in history most crowded with awful things. Special to the Guide. Call it a Songwriting Challenge. Because you're not going to believe all that’s happened on this date.

27) April 9 2015:
• April 9th, and Why it Matters; Great and Shocking History: April 9th-April 15th, and How it's Still with Us

28) April 5 2015:
• "American Pie" Manuscript Going to Auction; Song Was the Anthem of a Generation

29) April 1 2015:
• Deadlines Extended for Competitors in the prestigious Topanga Banjo•Fiddle Contest

30) March 13 2015:
• Alright. Just What's Going on? The Big Question Addressed - March 13, 2015

31) Feb 19 2015:
• The Guide's February BIG NEWS edition awaits you

32) Jan 25 2015:
• Last Tango at NAMM: What to do Here on Closing Day

33) Jan 24 2015:
• On the scene... Live Webcast today from NAMM, more news from the Big Show

34) Jan 23 2015:
• On the scene at NAMM, and we answer the question, “So why is NAMM such a big deal?”

35) Jan 22 2015:
• Annual “Mega Music News Edition”
♪ 1.0 Music industry insider…
1.1 Gibson at NAMM is “Not Your Daddy’s Gibson!” by Ted Drozdowski
1.2 2015 “She Rocks Awards” ~ A NAMM Event You Can Attend Without a Badge
1.3 Quickie Music Statistic ~ A Point for Thought
1.4 “Socially Responsible Streaming” ~ A New Distribution Paradigm?
1.5 L.A. Music Center’s Music Education / Student Participation
♪ 2.0 Hands-on the strings ‘n things…
2.1 Ever-Vibrant Florida Folkie Annie Wenz on How to Be an effective side player: “Percussion 101” ~ by Annie Wenz
2.2 Fiddle Players: Notable Events January 24th and in April, by Debbie Berry
♪ 3.0 Best freebies…
3.1 Free Lesson from "The Singing Zone," Online
3.2 Freebies, Celtic, Roots Music, Happy Surprises from the Air Force Band ~ in which band members share news of their multifaceted ensembles’ free music downloads
♪ 4.0 Tales from the road…
4.1 Yes, it Was HIM, but Was He Seated at Table Nine?
4.2 Dave Stamey’s Tale of “A Wedding in Lavina”
♪ 5.0 Publications…
5.1 “Zen and the Art of Recording,” Book and E-Book, New from Hal Leonard
♪ 6.0 Inspirations…
6.1 Limited Edition “Ringo: Peace & Love” Street Banner Set for Your Wall
♪ 7.0 Awards, accolades, honors…
7.1 Levitt Pavilions, Nationwide Free Concert Presenters, Announce $250k Grant Winners
7.2 The Roys Win their 4th Consecutive “Bluegrass Artist of the Year” Award
7.3 Will Goofy Accolades Add to Your Cachet?
7.4 57th Annual Grammy Awards Nominees now Online
♪ 8.0 In the Studio or on the Charts…
8.1 Lonesome River Band's New "Turn On A Dime" Contains Number 1 Single
♪ 9.0 Previews & Reviews…
9.1 Folk Star Guests Shine on “Nell Robinson & The Rose of No-Man’s Land,” CD Produced by Joe Henry ~ by Kim Fowler
9.2 Notable Co-Writes on Americana Album from Irishman Ben Glover ~ by Debbie Berry
9.3 Singer, Songwriter, Composer, Violinist, Humanitarian: Lili Haydn’s New “Lili Land” Album, Out Now ~ by Debbie Berry
9.4 Vegas Guitar & Uplifting Music Phenom Patrick Sieben’s Debut Album, “Under the Neon Light,” Due Feb. 24 on District 7 Records
9.5 Ashley Lian’s Indie EP Release, “Dear”
9.6 Adam Hood’s “Welcome to the Big World” Is Storyteller Folk Meets Roadhouse Honky-Tonk, Texas Style ~ by Lyndie Wenner
♪ 10.0 New Indie Releases: Quickie Notes
Just the facts, ma’am: eight new albums, short ‘n sweet
♪ 11.0 Music in film…
11.1 Motion Picture Academy Blows it for Silent Film History Buffs
♪ 12.0 Profiles: artists & bands…
12.1 Lisa Haley & the Zydekats Mark 20 Years as a Band
♪ 13.0 In the Venues…
13.1 McCabe’s New Concert Season
♪ 14.0 Ticket Alerts
♪ 15.0 Parting Thoughts

36) Dec 23 2014:
Music & History: World War I “Christmas Truce Centenary Commemoration”

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